Performing Arts Report

March 4, 2021

by Ms Monique Allen, Head of Co-Curricular Performance

The Loreto and SPC Improv Sports Junior/Middle School Competition

On Thursday, February 25 students from Loreto and St Pat’s competed in a range of drama improvisation games. It was a fantastic afternoon with lots of laughs and enjoyment from both staff and students.

A huge congratulations to the St Pat’s Year 7 team “The Sit-Down Comedians” (pictured) that were crowned the 2021 champions. They were deemed most effective and entertaining across the three improv games, and they were up against some very strong competition from Loreto.

Our wonderful judges also deserve a big thank you: Michelle Norton, Melissa Delaland and John Sullivan.

We set our sights on the Senior Improv Competition which will take place on Thursday, March 4 at Loreto. All the best to the boys competing.



DAV Debating

Our Year 11 and 12 debaters have competed in their first round of debating for the season over at Ballarat Grammar on Wednesday. The boys had a challenging first topic “That Victoria should abandon the Belt and Road deal with China”. Each team was able to make some strong arguments and should be very proud of their efforts, especially Joel Ballesty and Bailey McQuie who participated in their very first debate. The Year 12s came away with a win and the Year 11s lost to an impressive Ballarat Grammar team. A huge thank you to coach Nathaniel Winfield for his support of the teams. We look forward to Round 2 of debating (where the Year 9s will also compete) in Week 8.