Performing Arts Report – June 7, 2018

June 6, 2018

A busy week!

The week beginning 28th May was a busy one for the music department.

Year 7 Concerts -“ Monday May 28th

Each year the Year 7 Boys perform a concert that demonstrates the progress they’ve made since beginning to learn a -‘Band’ instrument in term 1. Learning an instrument in a group setting presents many challenges such as;

  • Playing in a group

  • Reading notes and rests

  • Learning correct technique

  • Learning what the conductor’s gestures mean

  • Listening

  • Patience

  • Persistence

  • Pitching notes accurately

  • Understanding all the -‘particular music symbols’ and being able to react to them.

  • Working as a team as all need to -‘pull their weight’ rather than relying on a just a few.

  • Setting up their instrument

  • Cleaning their instrument

  • Posture

  • Setting up the rehearsal space and then putting equipment away safely

  • Learning how a rehearsal is organized and proceeds

  • How to practice

When looking at this list, it really puts into perspective what the boys need to learn and for most this is a totally different way of behaving in the classroom.

The two concerts (7A, B, C, D) and then (7E, F, G, H, I) were very successful. They showcased the students performing music from their book Essential Elements, student soloists, the newly formed Year 7 Rising Stars and Junior Stage Band.

Year 10 and VCE Units 1 and 3 Solo Performances -“ Tuesday 29th May

A wonderful evening of student performances was presented. The performances showcased student’s solo performance skills in the lovely setting of the Springboard Room. The variety of musical styles and instruments performed certainly demonstrated the diversity of music that is offered at St. Patrick’s College.

For a number of boys, it was the first time that they had performed at an evening Soiree. It was most impressive that the student run concert ran smoothly concluding with a group performance of -‘Superstition’ by Stevie Wonder. I would like to highlight the performance of Jesse Keem (VCE Unit 3) as he has set a very standard for the younger boys to follow as they progress through to VCE.

Thanks must go to Wendy Rechenberg for her wonderful piano accompaniment. I would highly recommend attendance at this concert in the future.

Concert Band and Junior Stage Band Primary School Tour -“ Friday 1st June

The junior bands played beautifully at St Francis Xavier Primary School in the morning and St. James’ Parish School in the afternoon. The boy’s setup and pack up the performance space quickly at each venue. It is thrilling to watch the ensembles develop into an efficient team by organizing themselves with little direction required from staff.

The concert consisted of the Junior Stage Band performing three contrasting pieces and the Concert Band doing the same. The variety of styles of music that the boys are able to play is a credit to them. Instrument demonstrations were also presented which certainly sparked the interest of the young audience. For many in the audience it was their first experience of seeing the instruments.

Thanks must go to Mrs. Claire O’Brien (Junior Stage Band) for organizing the tour and also to Mrs. Bird (Concert Band) for her enthusiasm and support of the event.