Principal’s Message

March 31, 2022

by Principal, Mr Steven O’Connor

Artist in Residence

It was Vincent Van Gogh who once said, “I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream”.

We are very fortunate at St Patrick’s College to have a vibrant, enriching and fulfilling Art faculty.

Over the last weeks we have been blessed by the presence of Ijlal Olguner, our Flanagan artist in residence for 2022.

The Flanagan artist-in-residence program is named in honour of Noel Flanagan, a deceased Old Collegian who was the former curator of the Australian War Memorial. In 2019 we reimagined the Flanagan Art Prize as an artist-in-residence program whereby artists were encouraged to apply for the opportunity to spend four weeks working living in Ballarat, working closely with students and staff while developing an artwork for the College to keep.

Ijlal Olguner is a figurative artist who is inspired by social and psychological issues, including the human condition, social justice, the news, media, fashion, advertising, the environment and global issues. In her time at St Patrick’s College, Ms Olguner and our students have created a brilliant painting which is titled, ‘Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow’. It is has been produced using oil paint and charcoal on canvas.

The painting looks at the changes that have occurred to humanity and the natural environment.

‘Yesterday’ represents the past. Thousands of years ago, the natural environment was healthy, the Indigenous Australians lived, peacefully and honoured this natural environment.

‘Today,’ captures the pandemic and other deadly viruses, that we as humans are not as invincible as we thought.

‘Tomorrow’ is to illustrate the danger our natural environment faces if we continue to pollute the air, water, and land. The painting delineates that in the future we will not be able to breathe without the aid of respiratory protection.

We sincerely thank Ms Olguner, Head of Faculty Mr Peter Hutchins, faculty staff and our students for helping to generate such a wonderful Flanagan artist-in-residence program in 2022.

‘Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow’ will be on display in the College Foyer.

CHESS Success

Congratulations to the members of the SPC Chess Team who have successfully competed and made their way through to the State finals again this year! The team (listed below) competed online in recent tournaments but will contest the State Finals in person in Melbourne later in the year.

I am delighted that we continue to achieve success in this area and wish the boys all the very best as they prepare for the State Finals.

The successful team includes:

Leonard Goodison                                           Justin Goodison

Reuben Hackwill                                               Toby Clack

Nick Eppingstall                                                 Charlton Hand

Blake Hertog                                                      Jared Turner

Anton Cherry                                                     Mason Armstrong

Harley Passalick                                                Ned Clark

Callum Seakins


Thanks also to Mr Nathanial Winfield for his coordination of these players and leadership of the College’s Chess program.


ACC Swimming

Congratulations to those swimmers who represented the College at the ACC Swimming Championships at the Melbourne Swimming & Aquatic Centre this week. It was a terrific first hit out for our swimmers in the ACC with the team finishing second in their division. Well done to all involved, particularly our senior swimmers who led the team with style.

Congratulations, boys!


Mr Steven O’Connor