Rowing Report – July 16, 2015

July 15, 2015

Rowing in term three is about to begin with land based, gym and ergo training starting next week, leading into the water sessions in a month’s time.

I have met with the boys and encouraged them to come over to the boatshed and begin their preparation for the new season. I know some lads are committed to other sports and fully support them in their endeavours. But we will be opening the gym and having coaches there to support the preseason training program, so when the boys are available it would be great to see them there.

There has been some changes made to the structure of the Rowing Club Committee and this has allowed us the opportunity to acquire some wonderful resources that, we hope, will help the crews develop quicker. Despite the committee structure as it was, no longer existing, we at St Pats Rowing, still require a motivated and enthusiastic group of parent and continued parental support to help us navigate each season. It is wonderfully rewarding- to see parents and sons coming together and building on the Rowing Community and we look forward to the new season.