Rugby: 1st XV defeated by Brighton

May 28, 2017

St Patrick’s College 1st XV lost to Brighton Grammar-

Full time: 19 -“ 33(HT 5-21)-

Try scorers: Jesse Jury, Chris Tuitea, Edwin Sauvao

Conversions: Pou Siola’a (2/3)

5 -“ Ethan Jessop 4 -“ Josh W-Stanton 3 -“ Charlie Pollard 2 -“ Josh Cooper 1 -“ Simon Porter

I would first of all like to acknowledge the many people that made our GALA Day on Saturday the wonderful occasion it was.-

Firstly, to Brighton Grammar, whose staff, coaches and players, represented their school with distinction.-

Then I must thank all College staff and our Rugby Parent Committee those tireless efforts in both the preparation and delivery of the day were instrumental in the success that was had by all.-

Finally, I congratulate all players, coaches and supporters, especially our opposition supporters who travelled across from Melbourne and certainly added to the great experience enjoyed by all.

Ultimately, honours were even on the day.-

The College won at U13 and U14 level, whilst both the 16s and 1stXV were won by our opposition, Brighton Grammar.-

Without question a fitting way to conclude the day that was made by the cooperation of both schools.-

I would especially like to congratulate our U13s who won their first ever game for the College and to our Junior Coordinator, Mr Kingi Williams, whose leadership, coaching and care has seen our two junior sides excel this year both on and off the field.

There is much that I could say of the 1stXV result and/or game.-

Let it be known however that this was not a -‘hangover’ from last week’s historic draw with St Kevin’s.-

Preparation and attitude through the week has been first rate. There has been no sign of arrogance or complacency. The reality is that in Division (I) there are no easy games.-

Brighton Grammar have a strong setup, bottom to top, and, on the day, outperformed our players.-

It would be wrong of me to say that the result was purely because of our poor performance. It was certainly a significant, contributing factor, however Brighton Grammar played very well.-

For the full game they pressured us into basic mistakes and, when they had the ball, they retained it well, wearing our defence down and mounting constant pressure through scoreboard points.-

Many will ask where this leaves our preseason aim of competing in finals footy.-

Simply, it puts this in an element of jeopardy, however it is still within our own hands.-

We have four remaining games, we must win at least three of those four.-

Each will present its own set of challenges, we must be prepared for those.-

On Saturday we appeared to lack hunger, desire and belief -“ this was perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the game. We have and must continue to play as a group, which means winning as a group, drawing as a group and losing as a group.-

We must now reflect as a group, train hard as a group and, as a group, bounce back against Melbourne Grammar this coming Saturday.-

There will be changes, with personnel and tactical, that is the nature of having a competitive group that drives each of our players on to be at their very best.

A final thank you to all our passionate, loyal supporters who turned out in force to support all four teams. I do hope many of you are able to make the journey to Melbourne this coming weekend. –