Rugby Match Reports – May 26, 2018

May 27, 2018

St Patrick’s College 1st XV vs. Geelong Grammar (H) (26/05)

Full time: 85 -“ 0 (HT 36-0)

Try scorer/s: Chris Tuitea 4, Eddie Sauvao 2, Ethan Jessop 2, Koni Wolfgramm, Regan Champley, Tarquin Schreenan, Kayne Councillor, Josh Wilson-Stanton

Conversion/s: Pou Siola’a (10/13)

5 -“ Koni Wolfgramm 4 -“ Chris Tuitea 3 -“ Pou Siola’a 3 -“ Regan Champley

Any coach would be reticent to describe a game as the -‘complete performance’, however, on this occasion, this may well be most apt. Geelong are not the side they have been for the past couple of seasons, however always play with a heart and tenacity that is a credit to their rugby program. We have now had a run of home fixtures and have entertained the many spectators who have braved the varied Ballarat weather conditions. Following on from thirteen tries scored last week against Melbourne Grammar, a further thirteen tries were scored against Geelong, however, unlike last week, this week our ability with the ball was matched by our ability to regain the ball. I have written about our attitude to defence in a number of our match reports this season and it was once again our platform for success. Whilst the highlight reel of attacking play would be a spectacle to watch, the most gratifying element of the game for us came in stoppage time at the end of the game. With the result already a foregone conclusion at 85-0 the away side were awarded consecutive penalties to see them inches from our line. The opposition support were eager to see their team cross for a consolation score, but our SPC defence held resolute. This was a defining moment and heralded an affirmation of our commitment to defence. This will serve us well in closer contests.

It is difficult to critique our attacking ability, not because it was -‘perfect’ (reflected by the score), but because it was not tested. Tackles were broken regularly, space was found easily on the flanks, however credit must go to the manner in which the space was utilised, the support that each player worked hard to offer one another, and the ruthlessness shown in efficiently crossing the whitewash. Special mention must go to the go forward ball created by Koni Wolfgramm, whose full game performance was outstanding. Koni was well supported by expert finishing from outside centre Chris Tuitea and a commanding game from Vice-Captain, Pou Siola’a, who led the game from the early stages after his brother, our Captain, left the field with an injury.

Haileybury await us at home this coming Saturday, before a break over the Queen’s Birthday Weekend. As always we are indebted to many people, particularly members of our Parent Committee who again were wonderful hosts to both our players and our opposition.

St Patrick’s College 2st XV vs. Geelong Grammar (H) (26/05)

Full time: 26 -“ 12 (HT 5-7)

Try scorer/s: Bayley Cocking, Sam Muller, Riley Madigan, Bryce Stevens

Conversion/s: Jovesa Ravisa (2/4)

5 -“ Bayley Cocking 4 -“ Riley Madigan 3 -“ Bobby Glanford 2 -“ Jacob Michalik 1 -“ Riley Williams

Unfortunately, on account of injury and absence, Geelong Grammar’s 2ndXV were unable to fulfil this competition fixture, so our 2s won through Forfeit. That said it is a mark of Geelong Grammar that those 2nds players, who were available, came across on Saturday to enable us to play an abridged 10 aside game. I must also acknowledge the selfless actions of Jacob Michalik who, without hesitation, volunteered to play for Geelong to ensure both sides had even numbers. Jacob would also go on to score one of Geelong’s two tries, a wonderfully taken try.

Our 2nds season has been disjointed, with games forfeited either by ourselves or our opponents, so the opportunity to play a game, albeit 10 aside, was a great chance for a group who have worked tirelessly in training, to get a hit out.

The first half was a cagey affair, inevitably made so by both sides attempting to adapt to a different format and more space to both attack into and defend. Bayley Cocking continued his great season form with the first try of the game, an opportunistic break up the narrow side and a clear run to the line. Geelong though were able to hit back with a converted score to have a narrow advantage going into the halftime break. The players were reminded of playing on the front foot and to back themselves when the opportunity presented itself.

The second half saw a dominant display by our SPC side and particularly from outside centre Riley Madigan who grew in stature as the game went on. The rugby was simple on the eye, but effective, proof that team work will always win over individual -‘moments’.

We are very proud of what this group of senior players have achieved and continue to achieve. Huge game this coming Saturday against Melbourne High School’s 1stXV. We look forward to the challenging contest.

St Patrick’s College U15s vs. St Kevin’s College U15s (A) (26/05)

Full time: 24 -“ 31 (HT 5-24)

Try scorer/s: Owen Pearse (2), Adam Hollingworth, Xavier Hayter

Conversion/s: Owen Pearse (2/4)

The game on Saturday was a very close game, eager to beat St. Kevin’s, everyone was excited to see who would come away with the win. As formidable an opponent as St. Kevin’s are, we were enthusiastic to test ourselves up against them. A game of two halves, St Kevin’s won the first half 24/5 and we won the second half 19/7. It was a near titanic comeback from the SPC U15s, which nearly resulted in a first ever win over St Kevin’s.

Praise must go to individuals within the team who played outstandingly and to the team for completing their core jobs well.

St Patrick’s College U14s vs. St Kevin’s College U14s (A) (26/05)

Full time: 5-38 (HT 0-19)

Try scorer/s: Deegan Craig-Peters

Conversion/s: Adam Griffith (0/1)

The U14 game was a much better effort from the boys of St Patrick’s College. For the first 10 minutes of the game there was no tries scored and both teams seemed to want the win. St Kevin’s went in for an extremely well worked try and from there the boys seemed to almost lose hope and let two easy tries in. This left the half time score at 19-0.

The second half was a much better performance after we discussed how to beat this team in the half time team talk. The boys were eager to start the second half and none of the tries in this half were soft tries. Our tackling was good and has definitely improved over recent weeks. Deegan Craig-Peters scored a good try in the corner but that was all that St Kevin’s let through. Following on from the U13 game there is a lot of things we need to work on and there is many hard hours of training that lies ahead of these boys.

St Patrick’s College U13s vs. St Kevin’s College U13s (A) (26/05)

Full time: 5 -“ 50 (HT 0-22)

Try scorer/s: Jayden Tonks

Conversion/s: Adam Griffith (0/1)

Our fixtures against St Kevin’s were always going to be hard. The scores on the day from all three teams that went down to Melbourne prove that. The first half of the U13s game St Patrick’s hardly had the ball and we found ourselves defending for most of this half. Defence is an attitude and from the sideline I did not see this attitude coming from the boys. The score line reflects this lack of attitude. The half time score was 22-0 to St Kevin’s College.

The second half had an amazing start with Jayden Tonks going in for our only try of the game but unfortunately, Adam Griffith did not convert the try. After that try the boys came back fighting but soon enough our opponents scored two quick tries and once again, the St Patrick’s boys seemed to drop their heads and were just going through the motions. There are many things that we need to work on before the next game and we will be working hard once again on the attitude of the side to remain resilient, even when faced with such adversity.