SAGERS supports critical Koala populations

March 18, 2021

This autumn, the St Patrick’s College Environmental Action Group, SAGERS, are supporting critical koala populations by raising funds to plant Koala habitat trees (such as River Red Gums, Manna Gums and StringyBarks) in the You Yangs, Victoria.

Working with Ballarat company Fifteen Trees, the boys are selling tree-cards to friends, parents and supporters. These tree-cards represent trees. Buy one tree-card and one real tree will be planted. The tree-cards cost five dollars, of which one dollar will come back into the College to pay for the transport costs of the boys travelling to the You Yangs to plant the trees.  The remaining four dollars pays for the tree.

St Pat’s trees will be planted this winter with Koala Clancy Foundation. Once planted, you will be able to view your trees by typing St Pats into the search box on the Fifteen Trees website. We’ll also have a full write-up in the College newsletter. We are aiming to raise the funds for 500 trees.

Help us by purchasing a tree-card, or several, and let’s plant a St Pat’s forest!