School Crossing Inspections

February 17, 2016

School Crossing Inspections

I write to you alerting members of the St Patrick’s Community that the City of Ballarat Traffic Unit will be conducting random inspections throughout 2016.

The College fully support the City of Ballarat in enforcing safe driving practices around the college and would like to take this opportunity to remind you some of our traffic management safety measures:

  1. Parking illegally or obstructing an entrance or exit whilst dropping off and picking up students at the college is illegal and may incur a fine at any time with an increased likelihood during the upcoming council inspections.

  2. Bus zones, clearways, no parking signs are traffic safety measures that VicRoads and City of Ballarat introduce.A reminder that parking within these areas is an offence and Victoria Police and City of Ballarat authorised officers can issue fines for breaching these signs.

  3. Parents are reminded that whilst dropping off or picking up students inside the college grounds is not illegal, we encourage you do so outside the grounds to reduce vehicle traffic and to minimise the potential of injury to students and staff at peak times of the day.

  4. Avoid Wanliss Street if possible.Between 3.25pm -“ 3.45pm on any weeknight between 800-1000 staff and students from St Patrick’s College and Ballarat and Clarendon College exit via Wanliss Street.The college asks that unless you absolutely have to use Wanliss Street at these times that you consider alternatives that may require your son to walk to an area that is safer for you to pick up your son.

  5. The Speed limit within the college is Walking speed.

  6. Please park within designated parking bays at all times.

St Patrick’s College is committed to working with the City of Ballarat, Victoria Police, VicRoads and the wider community to ensure we provide a safe environment at all times.- Please contact me should you have any suggestions on how we can improve safety at St Patricks or would like to discuss traffic management at St Patrick’s.

For further information regarding Occupational Health and Safety or parking around the college please contact Mr Jamie Bobrowski Director of Occupational Health Safety & Risk by email– –

Further information regarding upcoming traffic inspection can also be obtained by calling Amy Boyd, Manager Local laws and Parking Enforcement at the City of Ballarat on 5320 5570 or


Mr Jamie Bobrowski

Director of Occupational Health, Safety and Risk