Scott Louis Ehrenberg

June 23, 2015

EHRENBERG, Louis Scott- – – SPC 1907

DoB:- – 1895, Brunswick, VIC

Father:- – Samuel Adolph Ehrenberg

Mother:- – Mary Cecilia, nee O’Connor

Louis was a boarder at St Patrick’s, along with his brother Samuel Morris Ehrenberg (SPC 1907) who enlisted in the AIF (Service No 725)- and was killed at Gallipoli.

Regimental No:– 20617 / 51543

Rank:- – – Private

Corps:– – – Liverpool Regiment / Manchester Regiment

Louis joined the British Imperial Forces on 19 May 1915 in England. The College has not been able to discover why he did not join the Australian Forces; perhaps he was in England at the time and heard of the death of his brother Samuel at Gallipoli and decided to join up. The College could not locate Louis’ war record, but did find his medal card.

After the war, Louis returned to Australia and lived initially in the Melbourne suburb of Middle Park. Electoral rolls reveal that he had moved to NSW by 1930 and remained in Sydney for the rest of his life. He also hyphenated his surname to Scott-Ehrenberg.

Louis had an interesting career as a motion picture producer. He worked for the Commonwealth Film Studios, a company established to produce films about Australia. Its mission was to create an audio-visual record of Australian culture, through the commissioning, distribution and management of programs that dealt with matters of national interest, or illustrated and interpreted aspects of Australian life. Some of Louis’ films are available to view online through the Australian Film and Sound Archive.

By 1946, Louis was established as a talented film producer when a young Charles -‘Bud’ Tingwell was given his business card and told to contact him. -‘Scotty’, as Bud remembers him, put him up for the screen test for the film, Always Another Dawn, in which Bud secured the leading role as Terry Regan.

Louis had worked in Hollywood in the 1920s and learned a lot of the training methods they gave American actors when they left the theatre to go to Hollywood, to do this new thing called -‘sound films’ when sound came into pictures in the early 1930s. Bud Tingwell recalled that -‘Scotty certainly knew his stuff and taught it well’.

Louis Scott Ehrenberg died in Sydney, NSW on 15 June 1967. He was 72 years old.