Seeking Food Donations for Community Service

February 28, 2018

As part of the new Middle School Community Service Placement program which commenced this week and aims to encourage our boys to work for the greater good of the community, a group of our students will spend time cooking and donating food to the Ballarat Soup Bus.

However, to ensure the ongoing success of this part of the program we need your help.

Any parents or businesses associated with the College are encouraged to donate food for the boys to cook and then pass on to the homeless.

You may have excess tomatoes in your garden or too many lemons from your lemon tree. You may wish to provide some meat, some bread, or some fruit and veg.

Whatever you can provide, we will convert to healthy, nutritious meals for those less fortunate.

Anyone able to assist throughout the year is encouraged to deliver their donations to College reception where Food Technology teacher Mr Brett Earl can easily collect.

Thank you for your assistance.