Senior School Report

November 27, 2020

by Director of the Senior School, Mr Hamish McCrum

Many Year 12s have now finished their exams however a significant number of them still have exams on Monday November 30.  It has been a long haul and we are proud of all the boys who have given their best right until the end.  I believe the harder they have worked the “luckier” they will be when results come out on December 30.  If your son is in Year 11(and completed a 3/4) or Year 12, please ensure that they have arranged a few days prior to December 30 to have their VCAA results emailed / texted to them.  Instructions for this can be found on page 23 of the VCAA Exam Navigator, at this address. Please be aware the school will be unattended at this time so it is important to have registered prior to the day.

On Friday, December 4 we will have an award ceremony for the Year 10s and another for the Year 11s, where we will acknowledge some fine individual performances.  Unfortunately we are not able to have parents attend however photographs of students being presented with their certificates will be made available.

Head Start Week for Unit 3/4 classes commences Monday November 30.  In this week students commence the work for 2021 and receive some additional work to do over the summer break.  Students will not necessarily have all of their text books, but having the new stationary items (books to write in) is very highly recommended.  Students not returning for Year 12 are not required in this week.

Year 10s will be finishing assessments in this week.  I wish them well as they consolidate their learning and develop their study techniques.  Effective exam preparation involves completing practice questions and improving responses rather than reading and highlighting, and is done away from the distraction of mobile phones and music.  Dividing our attention between a couple things does exactly that, and the study becomes less effective.

Take care and kind regards,

Mr Hamish McCrum