Senior School Report

December 4, 2020

by Director of the Senior School, Mr Hamish McCrum

Today we celebrated some of the efforts and achievements of our Year 10 and 11 students in Award Ceremonies.  Congratulations particularly to Toby Clack – Year 10 Dux, Ben Mornane – Year 10 Proxime Accessit, Jack Sheehan Year 11 Dux and Hugh Ollerenshaw – Year 11 Proxime Accessit.  The boys who appear frequently in the lists below tend to have excellent work habits and set up good behaviours so that they are making very good use of their time.  They are often busy people.  The good results come from thousands of small choices with regard to being attentive and getting homework tasks completed.  The biggest choice students tend to make is whether or not to attempt to set up a homework routine and then attempt to stick to it.  The 2018 Dux, Sam Williams said that setting up good habits (a homework routine) made things much easier, because if you rely on will power, that will let you down.  I encourage all students to make this decision for 2021, to set up and make a homework routine work.  More on this next year.

To the students who are finishing their time with us, we wish you well in your future endeavours.  To all families, we wish you a safe and enjoyable Christmas and a better 2021.

Take care and kind regards,

Mr Hamish McCrum


Toby Clack 2020 Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Award
Benjamin Mornane 2020 Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Award
Andrew Monaghan Australian Defence Force 2020 Future Innovators Award
James Clark ADF 2020 Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award
Samuel Farrington Ballarat Diocese Year 10 Student Bursary Award 2020



Soren Andrews Year 10 Visual Communication and Design
Jed Brennan Year 10 Media
Will Burzacott Year 10 Studio Arts
Toby Clack Year 10 Chemistry
Toby Clack Year 10 Dux
Toby Clack Year 10 Legal and Politics
Toby Clack Year 10 Text and Tradition
Toby Clack Year 10 History – 20th Century
Toby Clack Year 10 Literature
Harper Clark Year 10 Physics
James Clark Year 10 Physical Education
James Clark Year 10 Psychology
James Clark Year 10 Science and Society
Max Cosgriff Year 10 Biology
Oscar Eldridge Year 10 Music Performance
Alexander Hamilton Year 10 Pre-General Mathematics
Lachlan Jolly Year 10 Pathways in Hospitality
Lochlain Kelly Year 10 Theatre Studies
Declan Kenny Year 10 Design and Technology (Wood)
Benjamin Laursen Year 10 English Language
Benjamin Laursen Year 10 Hardware
Benjamin Laursen Year 10 Religious Education
Benjamin Laursen Year 10 Systems Engineering
Benjamin Machin Year 10 Commerce
William Martin Year 10 Architectural Design
Alexander Molan Year 10 Health
Andrew Monaghan Year 10 Pathways in Trade
Benjamin Mornane VCE Unit 1 and 2 Specialist Mathematics
Benjamin Mornane Year 10 English Language
Benjamin Mornane Year 10 Pre-Methods Mathematics
Benjamin Mornane Year 10 Proxime Accessit
Alister Nixon Year 10 History – Revolutions
Harley Passalick Year 10 Philisophy
Patrick Porter VCE Unit 1 Business Management
Patrick Porter Year 10 English
Patrick Porter Year 10 Food and Technology
Brock Prendergast VCAL – Foundation Certificate
Daniel Rodger Year 10 Programming
Cooper Sherman Year 10 Computing
Callan Shillington VCE VET Applied Languages: Japanese Certificate II Year 2
Fionn Somers Year 10 Photography
Jared Turner Year 10 Innovative Digital Solutions




Andrew Campbell VCE VET Engineering Certificate II Year 1
William Cook VCE VET Building and Construction Certificate II Year 2
Connor Gaffney Year 11 Chemistry
Connor Gaffney Year 11 Visual Communication and Design
Hamish Garner Year 11 Accounting
Lewis Grigg Year 11 Economics
Alexander Guevara Year 11 Religion and Society
James Harrington Year 11 English
James Harrington Year 11 Systems Engineering
Jacob Huber VCAL – Intermediate
Cooper James VCE VET Building and Construction Certificate II Year 1
Cooper James Year 11 Outdoor and Environmental Studies
Spencer Jenks VET – Sport and Recreation Cert III Year 1
Thomas Johnson Year 11 Health and Human Development
Benjamin Keen Year 11 Industry and Enterprise
Thomas McKinnis Year 11 Psychology
Benjamin Mornane Year 11 Biology
Jess Murphy Year 11 Studio Arts
Benjamin Nash Year 11 Media
Benjamin Nash Year 11 Text and Traditions
Hugh Ollerenshaw Year 11 Physics
Hugh Ollerenshaw Year 11 Japanese
Hugh Ollerenshaw Year 11 Proxime Accessit
Daunte Osman Year 11 General Mathematics
Tristan Puddy Year 11 Environmental Science
Jack Richards Year 11 History – Empires at Work
Jack Sheehan Year 11 Dux
Jack Sheehan Year 11 Legal Studies
Jack Sheehan Year 11 Literature
Jack Sheehan Year 11 Mathematical Methods
Hamish Thompson Year 11 Product Design and Technology
Samuel Tilley Year 11 English Language
Samuel Tilley Year 11 Philosophy
Kade Towk Year 11 Food and Technology
Henry von Burg Year 11 Music Performance
Patrick Weston Year 11 Computing
Darcy Williams Year 11 Physical Education



The following students received certificates for their high rates of completion of tasks while on remote learning


Year 10   Year 11  
Soren Andrews   Zackarie Andrews  
James Beaston   Jack Bambury  
Aaron Bennett   Luke Batchelor  
Mitchel Bowden   Patrick Cocks  
Will Burzacott   Thomas Collins  
Jesse Cairns   Jacob Cowan  
Harry Chapman   Connor Gaffney  
Toby Clack   Hamish Garner  
James Clark   Joshua Gibcus  
Max Cosgriff   Lewis Grigg  
Austin Hare   James Harrington  
Cade Hoogland   Isaac Holmes  
Nyjo John   Spencer Jenks  
Declan Kenny   Thomas Johnson  
Benjamin Laursen   Byron Keene  
Benjamin Machin   Riley Kenny  
William Martin   Daniel Lalor  
Jack Miller   Jack McKenny  
James Molloy   Jack McLean  
Andrew Monaghan   Benjamin Nash  
Benjamin Mornane   Rorey O’Kelly  
Harley Passalick   Hugh Ollerenshaw  
Brock Prendergast   Daunte Osman  
Nicolas Procaccino   Eden Revell  
Tristan Puddy   Jack Richards  
Riley Rees   Jack Sheehan  
Daniel Rodger   Alonzo Soloman  
Noah Ryan   Nathan Sutton  
Callan Shillington   Patrick Tuddenham  
Bryn Thompson   Henry von Burg  
Hamish Thompson   Darcy Williams  
Oliver Tribe      
Leo Turnbull-Gent      
Luigi Verde      
Brady Wright