Senior School Report

June 11, 2021

by Director of the Senior School, Mr Hamish McCrum

It is good that our lockdown was once again short-lived and we have been able to get back to face-to face learning which is much more effective.  We are at the busy end of the semester and all of our Year 10’s and 11’s are going through the process of preparing for and completing exams.  The benefits of this process include the opportunity to improve and consolidate the learning and growth that has occurred through the semester as well as developing exam preparation and exam taking skills.  Of course, to get any real benefit from this period, students need to be doing some exam preparation.  The most significant growth in student performance comes through doing and checking your responses to practice questions.  Highlighting and summarising have their place, but they will only give you small returns.

For our Year 12’s it is also a busy time with many SACs and SATs due.  Students are reminded that if absent for a Unit 3/4 SAC a medical certificate is required, but when a Unit 3/4 SAT is due, it needs to be delivered to school on the due date even if the student is sick, otherwise penalties to marks will apply.  In the event a student finds that they have got themselves behind largely because they did not start working early enough, they need to submit what they have competed for a SAT on the due date / complete the SAC on the due date and resolve to start preparing earlier the next time.  Otherwise, the hole just gets deeper.  Students who have missed classes for understandable health reasons still need to demonstrate they have Satisfied Learning Outcomes if they are to gain an S.  They do not get given a VCE because they were sick.  Semester One results of N may be redeemed in Semester Two, however this may be unrealistic if students are too far from a pass.

The best way to stay on top of your work and grow your abilities regardless of your Year Level is to turn up to every class, be on task in class, and do an appropriate amount of homework most nights.  Anything less will reduce your future opportunities, and while this impact may not seem immediate, it may be severe.  Conversely, those putting in the work will be altering the trajectory of their lives so much for the better, good for them.