Senior School Report

February 7, 2020

by Hamish McCrum, Director of Senior School

Welcome to the Senior School for 2020.

Each year brings new opportunities for growth and development and challenges to be faced. I encourage each of our boys to become involved in as many of the extra-curricular activities as is practicable, giving them the chance to form connections in as many circles as possible. Encourage your son to set some realistic but achievable goals for the year regarding his academic development, and the effort they are going to put in. To not set goals can set a student up to just drift and there is rarely lasting happiness or satisfaction in this.

Typically, a Year 10 would average 7.5 hours of homework per week, a Year 11 would average 10 hours per week and a Year 12 15 hours per week– some will do much more than 15 hours). Study is more effective when it is done in many small blocks rather than “leaving it all until Sunday”. Busy students who do well tend to use every spare 20-minute block of time to get something done. For many students setting them up for homework where they can be passively supervised (e.g. kitchen table) may result in more effective learning than if they are hidden in their bedroom with phones and computers. Please encourage students to place their phones in another room while studying. Students (and the rest of us) tend to under-estimate how long tasks will take, so it is a good idea to start early.

Most adolescents require nine hours of sleep per night. Being tired before learning or missing sleep after learning both reduce memory. If you want to avoid a decrease in your son’s mental health or academic results, keep their phones and computers etc out of their bedrooms. No phones around the school promises to increase learning and healthy social interaction. Perhaps even a decrease in anxiety.

Part-time jobs tend to be good for students, however exceeding five hours per week is not advised during term. Some businesses will roster students on for up to 15 hours per week but this may be better for the business than the student.

Some sport is good, but playing in three teams each week and the practice that goes with this can also be a limiting life choice in the long run.

Socialising is also healthy, but saying no to some parties depending on other time constraints may be required (ideal if the student can say no, but sometimes it will be the parent’s role).

Please name all items: clothing, calculators etc. unless you don’t mind buying another one at short notice.

Students doing a Unit 3/4 (Year 12) Study need to be aware that if they are absent due to ill health for a SAC a medical certificate is required. If they are absent when a SAT (folio/project) is due, they still need to arrange for the SAT to be submitted on that day. Further details about the requirements of the VCE can be found in “Student Academic Handbook “on the school website under Senior School or by clicking at

Thank you

Mr McCrum

Director of the Senior School