Senior School Report

September 2, 2021

by Director of the Senior School, Mr Hamish McCrum

The GAT has been postponed (again), the new scheduled date is Tuesday, October 5 (Week 1, Term 4).  This is something that individual schools and students have no control over, and just need to accept that this is the new date.  Despite the lockdowns being reasonably severe, the trend of the Delta variant cases in Victoria and NSW is up, not down.  This time is different.  This is not to say that the lockdown measures are not having any effect, they are slowing the spread, keeping hospital numbers lower for longer, and allowing time for people to become vaccinated.  Getting back to zero however is looking unlikely.

At times like these it is important to keep looking to the future, and doing those things within your control.  We will come out of this lockdown and in time the lockdowns will decrease in frequency and length.  What we do in the interim is important.  To that end, Year 12 students are at the stage where they are moving from learning new content to revising for exams.  The work that they and their teachers do at this time will increase the opportunities for our young men in terms of tertiary courses and careers.  For those planning to move into an apprenticeship, it is equally important to use this time and finish well.  This can be for the satisfaction of having completed the task well, for their self-esteem going forward and to create options because none of us ever know exactly how our lives will unfold.

Just as it is important for our Year 12s to keep looking to the future, so it is for our Year 10s and 11s.  Those things within their control are: their attentiveness to classes delivered online and their efforts in completing the work that is set.  Every bit of work that they do will help to grow their abilities.  Getting these “small things” right enough of the time will see them grow their capacity, so as to be an improved version of themselves.  They need this growth to be properly prepared for the next year.

Year 12s are reminded that VTAC preferences should now be in, timely applications close 5pm September 30.  SEAS applications close 5pm October 8, and students should do these, as most of our students will gain some consideration if they tick the applicable rural/remote box.  (Start SEAS applications before these holidays because some categories require documentation from a number of sources including medical).

In addition to being kind to those in your home, I ask that you take some time (perhaps in Grace before a meal) to pray together for the ordinary people of Afghanistan.  They look to be facing extremely difficult times ahead.

Take care and God Bless.