Senior School Report

June 23, 2022

by Director of the Senior School, Mr Hamish McCrum

We have reached the end of our first semester in five where we have not been forced to have extended lock downs – thank goodness.  Absences have been high due to COVID and flu and in some cases general anxiety.   I was looking at absences for a particular student who has had COVID twice and has still managed to achieve attendance levels above 80%.  Being present at school every day that you possibly can is the first step to being successful at school.  Attempting to learn when in class and then adhering to a reasonable homework schedule will see you achieve your potential, which may be much greater than you dared to dream.  Getting the little things right enough of the time will result in big achievements.

Please be aware that most of the university Open Days take place in July and August.  Go to   University Open Days Melbourne Victoria 2022 |  or google “Open Days Melbourne Victoria” and you will find a useful list.  It is a good idea to visit some of these to see what your options are and to talk with people or sit in on presentations regarding various courses.  Many universities are offering “virtual open days” – hopefully a few more will get back on board with the face-to-face option. Most students are able to apply themselves more willingly to their studies when there is a tangible outcome they are working toward, such as qualifying for a course.

Please take the time over the break to discuss your son’s progress with him as indicated on PAM, and remember that it is more beneficial to focus on his effort rather than the actual results.  It is also important that he compare himself to his former self in terms of improvement in knowledge/skills and effort levels.  Students who focus too heavily on competing with others often fall away in terms of effort when they get beaten a few times.  Those who focus on improving themselves tend to do the best in the long run.

Early in Term 3 students will be required to select subjects for 2023.  It is a good idea to start those conversations early.  It is also a good idea to seek guidance from teachers, and take particular note if they suggest a subject might be too hard/not suit the particular strengths of your son.  Staff do not make these suggestions lightly.  When students go against this advice it very rarely results in successful outcomes for the student.

We wish you an enjoyable break.  Hopefully it will slow the spread of colds, flus and COVID and allow people a chance to recover.  While Year 12s will all have homework to do over this break, it is important they also rest and recharge.  Helping them prepare a study timetable for this period might allow both work and a break. Semester 2 is fast paced for them, they need to be up to date and recharged.