Senior School Report

July 15, 2022

by Director of the Senior School, Mr Hamish McCrum

Welcome back for Semester 2.  I hope that all managed to enjoy some rest as well as completing some work in the holidays.  It was good to see a number of boys who had been sick take the opportunity to catch up on SACs in the times offered during the break.  They are now able to start up to date and can focus on their Semester 2 work.  The start of each term allows for the opportunity to make a fresh start, and recommit to a making the most of your time at school.  Many would benefit from fine tuning their homework plans (or doing a major overhaul of their homework plans).

Students at Years 10 and 11 are about to receive information with regard to choosing their subjects for 2023.  Year 12 2023 selections are required by July 29 and Year 11 2023 selections are due by August 5.  It is important students choose on ability, interest and need.  In regard to ability, they need to avoid choosing a very difficult subject if their strengths lie elsewhere, or if students do have capacity in an area they should choose a difficult subject if it keeps options open and will develop them. Students are encouraged to choose subjects that align with their interests; choosing subjects you want to do can result in a greater commitment on the part of the student.  Students also need to choose on need.  Some courses or careers will require students to have done particular subjects of which they are capable but might not find easy, or may not be one of their favourites.  It is important not to load up completely on what you think will be fun stuff but to consider what you will be doing in the following few years (as best as you can).  Students should seek a recommendation from their English and maths teachers as to their recommended English and maths selections for next year.  To assist current Year 10s with the process of choosing their Year 11 subjects, we offer a 10 minute interview with a staff member after school starting next week.  These are booked in the same way that Parent /Teacher / Student interviews are booked.  Information will be sent to parents regarding this.  As always, it is important to ask questions when clarification it is needed.

Parent/Teacher/Student interviews take place this Tuesday, July 26.  I recommend taking advantage of this opportunity to engage in a conversation with the parents, students and teacher regarding the progress your son is making.  This is valuable whether your son is excelling, struggling or anywhere in between.

Please be aware that most of the university Open Days take place in August or late July.  Go to  or google “Open Days Melbourne Victoria” and you will find a useful list.  Some Universities are offering Online Open Days, which may not be as attractive but at least cut out the travel time.

God Bless and best wishes for the term.