Senior School Report

September 9, 2022

by Director of the Senior School, Mr Hamish McCrum

Last week I had the privilege of being part of a panel interviewing 35 prospective candidates for our 2023 Student Council.  I am always in awe of how articulate, thoughtful and confident our young men can be at the ripe old age of 16 or 17.  When I think back to what I was like at this age the comparison is not favourable to me.  Choosing some applicants over others is not an easy task.  This year more than any other there are many students who did not receive a position on Student Council who were worthy candidates. I am certain they will go on to make valuable contributions and show leadership at school and beyond.  To those who did receive a leadership position, it is now on you to embrace the responsibilities that go with this, especially in regard to being a role model with your application to studies, conduct and appearance.

Congratulations to our cross-country runners who competed so successfully in the ACC.  Special mention to Archie Caldow (U16) and Ben Mornane (Open) for winning their events, beating some very tough competition in Melbourne.

Unit 3/4 (Year 12 subject) practice exams take place from September 12 to 16.  Students have been given a timetable, but should they have a clash or miss an exam due to illness, they may complete an exam in a different timeslot in that week by presenting to the Pavilion.  All students doing a scored VCE are required to attend to complete trial exams in their subjects including Year 11s doing a scored 3/4.  Having completed trial exams in this week, students should continue completing other practice exams in the remaining two weeks of “holidays” at home.  Preparing for, completing, and going over practice exams is the most effective way of improving results.   Term 4 will go very quickly, with 2 ½ weeks of classes and then exams.  Not all the exam preparation can be left until Term 4 if students are to go well.

VTAC timely applications close at 5pm on September 29, and the cost is $44.  This date falls in the holidays.   Course preferences can be changed after this date, (but be mindful that some courses require interviews / folios and might not let you change dates right up until December).  VTAC applications are done online.  After September 29, the cost goes to $126. and then $164 if you miss the next cut-off.  All students going for an ATAR are encouraged to make an application for a Tertiary place, even if just as insurance in case the plans they have for 2023/2024 fall through.  SEAS (Special Entry Access Schemes) are also made through VTAC, including many scholarships.  All students should complete one of these even if it is to tick the box for regional/remote.  Some applications require documentation from outside sources such as health professionals, so these should be commenced well before deadline which is October 7 at 5pm.

Enjoy the holidays.