Senior School Report

October 21, 2022

by Director of the Senior School, Mr Hamish McCrum

On Wednesday our Year 12s enjoyed a positive and smooth end to their formal classes.  It was a long day, starting with breakfast together at 7:30am, some normal classes, a formal assembly where the College had the opportunity to farewell our boys, and a Year 12 gathering.  The day finished with our Thanksgiving Mass followed by supper.  It was a fabulous atmosphere, particularly in the Mass and hall afterwards, with boys, parents and teachers able to enjoy each other’s company.  Many people go into making the day special, and I would like to acknowledge the boys for how they bought into the day, our Year 12 coordinators Andrew Chamings and Shane Murphy, and Mitch Leviston for his teaching and leading of the singing – always a highlight.  Of course there is still much to be done as boys strive to get the best out of themselves in the time that remains. There is no substitute for completing and learning from practice exams. They are encouraged to use their teachers for assistance through SWOTVAC and the exam period as they keep trying to push their exam scores higher.

VCAA Exams

Students doing a scored Unit 3/4 VCAA exam will have received a personalised timetable, stating the time and venue of their exams.  Please display these in a prominent place so that others in the house can also be aware of when exams are taking place.  The exam timetable and conditions for each exam may also be found by googling “exam navigator 2022”.  Should something occur, not of a student’s making or choosing which prevents them from achieving their best, (e.g. sickness on the day of an exam or a death/funeral of a grandparent) they should contact Mr Steven Biggin (5322 4498) to see what arrangements can be made and whether an application for a Derived Exam Score (DES) would be appropriate – students should sit the exam where practicable even if an application is being made for a DES.

Year 11 Students doing a scored 3/4 exam may take the previous day as a study day, and we ask that parents phone this absence through if they are utilising this option.  If there is a clash with VCAA 3/4 exams and Year 11 exams, the 3/4 exam takes precedence.   On the day of the exam, they are required to attend any classes that occur after their exam has finished.  Year 10 Students doing a Year 11 subject only get the time from class/exams while the Year 11 exam is taking place.

Our Year 10 and 11 students are also moving toward exams.  These start for Year 11s on November 8 and for Year 10s on November 14.  The exam periods will them be followed by Head Start programs, where the 2023 work will be commenced.