Senior School Report

May 22, 2020

by Director of the Senior School, Mr Hamish McCrum

On Tuesday we look forward to the return of our VCE and VCAL students (including those Year 10’s who will be attending for their VCE classes).  Most students and staff I have spoken to are looking forward to the return to face-to-face teaching.  Teaching and learning online has a surreal feel to it, and the efficiency of teacher explanations and ability of boys to help one another is greatly diminished.  That said, most boys should be commended on the efforts they have made and the work that they have done.  Staff are conscious of the need to balance their desire to do some assessment which can be authenticated, with the needs of the boys to at least reacquaint with face to face learning and get back into the swing of things.

No doubt some boys may be a bit nervous about the COVID-19.  Hopefully they can be reassured by the fact that even with widespread testing, we only have one active case in Ballarat, and that person is quarantined.  At this early stage of the return to school, the probability of catching the virus for any of us is very low, and with good hygiene the chances should be even lower.  Good hygiene and distancing when possible are essential if we are to avoid the terrible scenarios playing out in many other countries.

The Year 10’s who are working remotely for all or most of their classes for the next fortnight are encouraged to be as close to caught up by the time they return as is possible.  This will reduce what can be a cause of anxiety for some.  There will be a few boys in need of a haircut before returning, and if it is anything like my house, there will be a few do-it-yourself haircuts which did not expect to be out of isolation this soon.  I can hardly wait to see the best of these.

The Premier has just announced Unit 3/4 VCAA exams will run from November 9 until December 2 (not December 18 as previously announced), and results are to be out to students by the end of the year. (see below link) This is about one and a half weeks later than they were originally scheduled but earlier than the dates announced in April.  This combined with the alterations made a few weeks ago to Study Designs should make things manageable, however the timeline on teachers’ planners will have to be adjusted again.   Fortunately, we only ever use pencil.

Please click on the below link to view a letter from VCAA re: Confirmation of VCE Exam Schedule for 2020

VCAA Confirmation Of VCE Exam Schedule For 2020

Looking forward to seeing you all back safely.