Senior School Report – April 27, 2017

April 26, 2017

Welcome back to Term Two, a very important term for all students in the Senior School.

Year- 10 and- 11 student Semester One examinations will commence on June 7, 2017 and run through to June 16, 2017. Parents please schedule this examination block into your diaries and, if at all possible, avoid making appointments for your son during this time.

In preparation for the examinations it will be important that all boys establish a revision programme and adopt effective study habits early in the term to avoid unnecessary stress in coming weeks. This routine will become part of their tool kit and modus operandi when they approach VCE. Later in the term they will undertake specific tuition in how to prepare a study revision programme and be exposed to a range of memory and learning techniques.

General Achievement Test (GAT)

All students undertaking a Unit 3 VCE/VET subject will be undertaking the General Achievement Test (GAT) on 14th of June, 2017.- The GAT is a three-hour test, undertaken by all students enrolled in one or more Unit 3 / 4 studies. The results have been used in statistical moderation of course work against exam performance and in the calculation of derived examination scores should an unforeseen event (accident, illness etc) occur which results in your son missing the final VCE written examinations conducted in November.

Given that two of the major Victorian Universities have begun to refer to students GAT results when contemplating third round course entry offers the GAT has a taken on a greater significance than ever before. Thus students need to adopt a positive attitude and undertake some preparation prepare for the GAT. Past GAT papers are available from the KRC for practice and revision purposes.

As we transition into the College winter uniform I would like to take this opportunity to remind all of the following expectations.


  • All students are to be clean shaven. Students who are not will be required to shave at school.


  • Students may wear -“a. A watch , no other wrist bands b. A discrete single religious emblem, not in conflict with the Christian ethos of the school, on a thin chain/necklace c. A -‘Medic Alert’ bracelet

The consequence of students wearing jewellery other than that outlined above, may be confiscation.- Any confiscated items will be held for collection at the end of term.

  • Please note that chains with any emblems or items other than a cross, are not permitted, nor are any rings, bracelets or adornments of different material. Students are not permitted to wear sleepers, studs or other objects in any visible body piercing.

  • Students are not to undertake any body piercing when there is an insufficient period of time for healing of a hole in order to remain in line with the given expectations.Covering a piercing with a Band Aid is not acceptable.-

  • The College does not endorse tattoos, however where a student has an existing tattoo it must be covered at all times. Whilst at school or participating and representing the College it must be concealed.


  • Hair should be neat, clean and not extreme in style or colour.

  • Hair should be off the face at all times.

  • Hair resting on the shirt collar hair must be tied back at all times when you are wearing the College uniform.

  • Extreme styles such as rat tails, mohawks, obvious patterning, moptops, dreadlocks, cornrows, are not acceptable.

  • Short overall haircuts are to be the minimum of a number 2 cut.

All parents and students are asked to support the Uniform policy. After a generous amnesty in term one, students unable to cooperate with our hair policy in term two will be asked to go home until the hair/style has been changed to the requirements of the College.

Winter Uniform (Terms 2 & 3 )

  • Shoes Plain black leather shoes. Note: Suede shoes or black running/skate style shoes are not permitted.

  • Blue College trousers and black belt to be worn.

  • White long sleeved shirt to be worn.

  • College Tie to be worn (Year 7-11) Year 12 College Tie (Year 12)

  • Socks; Black or Navy are to be worn with the College trousers (Not football socks).

  • Suit coat. The College suitcoat is to be worn to and from school. This will be checked during morning administration and in the afternoon upon departure.

  • The College jumper can be worn under the suit coat during winter.

  • Spray Jackets are only to be worn to and from school over the top of the suit coat. The spray jacket should only be worn on wet days and should not replace the suit coat. The spray jacket is not to be worn during classes.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation,

Mrs Ryan