Senior School Report – August 18, 2017

August 16, 2017

On Wednesday I had the good fortune to travel to Simonds Stadium and watch the Herald Shield final with our Year 12 supporters.- Sadly, our First XVIII could not quite get the job done.- Congratulations to St Bernard’s who played better football on the day. Both sides had quality players and plenty of endeavour but St Bernard’s performed best in trying conditions.- Well done boys for making the final, hopefully we can get the win in 2018.

Our Year 12’s and Year 11’s doing a 3/4 Study need to be aware that we hold trial exams in the September holidays.- These will occur Tuesday September 26, Wednesday 27 and Thursday September 28.- Originally these ran into Friday September 29, however given this is now a public holiday we do not wish to deprive families the opportunity of utilising this long weekend.- Year 11’s can choose the day they wish to attend, Year 12’s will be there for the three days.- Past experience tells us that students who attend this first round of practice exams for all subjects tend to improve and do significantly better than those who manage to avoid them.

Repeated from last fortnight: August is also the season of Open Days.- This following link gives the dates for Victoria.

It is worth noting that much of the Ballarat Junior Football league has a Saturday game on August 19, freeing up August 20 to visit the University of Melbourne or Deakin University, Geelong. Federation University and ACU Ballarat have their Open Day on August 27.- Year 10’s should consider attending these days, as should Year 11’s and 12’s.

Mr Hamish McCrum

Acting Director of the Senior School