Senior School Report – December 3, 2015

December 2, 2015

2015 Year 10 Academic Subject Awards

James Meagher

Year 10 Media Studies

Blake Beadsell

Year 10 History

Emerson Tolliday

Year 10 Theatre Studies

Joshua Bradshaw

Year 10 Modified Mathematics

Campbell Spittal

Year 10 Vocational Mathematics

Ethan Gilbert

Year 10 Pre Vocational English

Mitchell Tuddenham

Year 10 Physics

James Duffy

Year 10 English

Lachlan Furlong

Year 10 English Language

Josh De Voogel

Year 10 Literature

Tyrone Baynes

Year 10 Health

Hayden Thompson

Year 10 Information Technology (Hardware)

Lachlan Furlong

Year 10 Information Technology (Web)

Lachlan Furlong

Year 10 Information Technology (Programming)

Corey White

Year 10 Information Technology (Core)

Mitchell Tuddenham

Year 10 Visual Communication & Design

Mitchell Tuddenham

Year 10 Physical Education

Tiernan Somers

Year 10 Pre-General Mathematics

Rue Costa

Year 10 Design and Technology (Wood)

Lachlan Furlong

Year 10 Food and Technology


Year 10 Religious Education

James Wait

Year 10 Art: Painting and Drawing

Ben Simmons

Year 10 Art: Multi-Dimensional

Sam Coxall &

Brandon Lauton

Year 10 Pre- Methods Mathematics

Nick Elliot

Year 10 VET Applied Languages: Japanese

Hayden Thompson

Year 10 Biology

Lachlan Conlan

Year 10 Unit 1 Business Management

Dev Russell

Year 10 Architectural Design

Nicholas Carta

Year 10 Systems Technology

Nicholas Carta

Year 10 Chemistry

James Baxter

Year 10 Science in Society

Patrick Gray

VET Engineering

Nic Canny

VET Building & Construction (1st Year)

Joshua Duggan

VET VCE Sport and Recreation

2015 Year 11 Academic Subject Awards

Hasker Dawborn

Year 11 Economics

Hasker Dawborn

Year 11 Legal Studies

Alex Richardson

Year 11 Accounting

John Brody

Year 11 Biology

Sam McMaster

Year 11 Chemistry

Luke Wynd

Year 11 Mathematical Methods (CAS)

David O’Doherty

Year 11 Physics

Charlie Fenton

Year 11 Outdoor Education

Matthew Wong

Year 11 Text and Traditions

Jacob Norman

Year 11 Food and Technology

James Parini

Year 11 Literature

Johnny Hall

Year 11 Studio Arts

Connor Murphy

Year 11 History

Sam McMaster

Year 11 Physical Education


Year 11 Religion and Society

Angus Mc Lean

Year 11 Japanese

Tom Ryan

Year 11 Information Technology in Action / Pathways

James Parini

Year 11 English

Hasker Dawborn

Year 11 English Language

Mitch Toohey

Year 11 Foundation English

Lawrence McCrabb

Year 11 Media Studies

Daniel Hillman

Year 11 Theatre Studies

Will Vonburg

Year 11 Industry and Enterprise

Paddy Byrne

Year 11 Arts

Matthew Wong

Year 11 Systems Engineering

Ben Simmons

Year 11 VET – Music (Technical – Production )

Nathanial Corboy

Year 11 Visual Communication & Design

Liam Williamson

Year 11 Product Design and Technology

Mitch Toohey

Year 11 General Mathematics: Vocational

Jed Millard

Year 11 General Mathematics: Further

Brandon Lauton

Year 11 General Mathematics: Specialist

Lachlan Burbidge

Year 11 Foundation Mathematics

Riley Murphy

Year 11 Health and Human Development

Jack Bowen

– VET Building and Construction (2nd Year)

Matthew Wong

Wiltronics Pursuit of Excellence Award

Jack Bowen

Q Construction Award for Excellence in VET Building & Construction 2015

Brandon Lauton

Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars 2015

Samual Coxall

Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars 2015

Joshua Duggan

Australian Defence Force 2015 Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award

Lachlan Furlong

2015 Federation University Year 10 Academic Dux – Award

Tynan C Haintz

2015 2015 Federation University Business School Award

Senior School Cultural Awards

Nick Carter

Year 10 Bands Award

Emerson Tolliday

Year 10 Performer Award

Patrick Willis

Year 11 Bands Award

Danial Hillman

Year 11 Performer Award

Senior School Sporting Awards

Josh Harrington

Year 10 Athletics Award

Josh Taylor

Year 11 Athletics Award

Michael Rodger

Year 11 Swimming

Declan Hanrahan

Year 10 Swimming

No Award

Year 10 Tennis

James Lam

Intermediate Badminton

Carson Dodds

Senior Gymnastics

VET Certificates

Joseph Smith

Certificate II in Engineering Studies

Joseph Peck

Certificate II in Engineering Studies

Jarred Fitzpatrick

Certificate II in Engineering Studies

Matthew Wong

Certificate II in Engineering Studies

William Lovison

Certificate II in Engineering Studies