Senior School Report – July 26, 2019

July 25, 2019

Welcome back for Semester 2. – I hope that all managed to enjoy some rest as well as completing some work in the holidays.- Not all of us managed something as extraordinary as the Kokoda Track; well done to all who took this on.

Students are in the process of choosing which course they will do next year, VCE or VCAL.- If considering moving into the VCAL pathway, parents are encouraged to attend the VCAL Information Night on Wednesday July 31.- Lyn Maniz and Damian Kinnersly are the people to talk to in regards to VCAL.

Those doing the VCE are currently in the process of choosing their subjects for next year, with 2020 Year 12 choices being due today -“ July 26, 2020 Year 11 choices being due August 14 and 2020 Year 10 choices being due August 7.- It is important students choose on ability, interest and need.- In regard to ability, they need to avoid choosing a very difficult subject if their strengths lie elsewhere, or if students do have capacity they should choose a difficult subject if it keeps options open and will develop them. Students are encouraged to choose subjects that align with their interests; choosing subjects you want to do can result in a greater commitment on the part of the student.- Students also need to choose on need.- Some courses or careers will require students to have done particular subjects of which they are capable but might not find easy, or may not be one of their favourites.- It is important not to load up completely on what you think will be fun stuff but to consider what you will be doing in the following few years (as best as you can).- Students should seek a recommendation from their English and maths teachers as to their recommended English and maths selections for next year.- To assist current Year 10s with the process of choosing their Year 11 subjects, we offer a 15 minute interview with a staff member after school on Monday August 5, Wednesday August 7 and the morning of Saturday August 10.- These are booked in the same way that Parent /Teacher / Student interviews are booked.

Parent/Teacher/Student interviews take place this Tuesday July 30.- It is recommended that students attend with their parents, this increases the value of the process.

Unit 3/4 practice exams take place in the holidays, On October 1, 2 and 3.- Year 11s should attend for their 3/4- exam, Year 12s should attend for all of theirs.- More details about this will be given to the students closer to the time.

Please aware that most of the university Open Days take place in August.- Go to- –– or google -Open Days Melbourne Victoria- and you will find a useful list.

Congratulations to our First XVIII who have again made the Herald Shield final.- We wish them well against St Bedes.