Senior School Report – June 20, 2019

June 20, 2019

This coming week we wish our Year 10’s well while they are out on work-experience.- Some students will gain an idea, specifically or generally, of the direction they might like to work toward in terms of career.- For some students their work experience might even lead to an offer of an apprenticeship or part time employment.- There will be some who learn there are careers they do not want to pursue.- This too can be quite valuable.- Many students will remain unsure, or will change their minds over the next few years. – This is normal.- We encourage students to make the most of this experience, and to be aware that while enrolled at school they are able to organise work experience in any of their holidays in Years 10, 11 and 12 (just make sure they put the paperwork through Mr Meehan).- This allows students to have a look at a few different things.- Be aware that most of the university Open Days take place in August.- Go to – – – or google -Open Days Melbourne Victoria- and you will find a useful list.- It is a good idea to visit some of these to see what your options are and to talk with people or sit in on presentations regarding various courses.- Most students are able to apply themselves more willingly to their studies when there is a tangible outcome they are working toward such as qualifying for a course.

Please take the time over the break to discuss your son’s progress with him as indicated on PAM, and remember that it is more beneficial to focus on his effort rather than the actual results.- It is also important that he compare himself to his former self in terms of improvement in knowledge/skills and effort levels.- Students who focus too heavily on competing with others often fall away in terms of effort when they get beaten a few times.- Those who focus on improving themselves tend to do the best in the long run.

Early in Term 3 students will be required to select subjects for 2020.- It is a good idea to start those conversations early.- It is also a good idea to seek guidance from teachers, and take particular note if they suggest a subject might be too hard/not suit the particular strengths of your son.- Staff do not make these suggestions lightly.- When students go against this advice it very rarely results in successful outcomes for the student.

We wish you an enjoyable break.- Hopefully it will slow the spread of various colds and flus and allow people a chance to recover.- While Year 12s will all have homework to do over this break, it is important they also rest and recharge as well. – Helping them prepare a study timetable for this period might allow both work and a break. Semester Two is fast paced for them, they need to be up to date and recharged.