Senior School Report – June 21, 2018

June 20, 2018

The end of the semester has arrived.- For those who have been nursing coughs and colds for the last few weeks the break brings some welcome relief.- The many Year 10s and 11s who have strived to give a good account of themselves in exams, and the Year 12s who have handed in components of SATs and have dealt with constant barrage of SACs are ready for a rest. Year 12s of course will need to do some work but it is important they also take a break and recharge at this time.- After these holidays the time left at school will race away for Year 12s even though the work to be done will be enormous.- Josh DeVoogel (Dux 2017) put it very well earlier this year when he said they need to try to -enjoy the training when it is tough-.

On Wednesday our Year 11s attended a seminar led by David Kobler.- He had a very wholesome message for our young men backed up by much scientific research.- Unlike any other generation these boys have been given almost unfettered access to the internet which unfortunately is not all good.- The reality across the nation is that many boys access and become addicted to pornography, when in previous times they would have been allowed to grow up more innocently.- The result is that many young men will have had physical changes to their brains as a result, and may struggle throughout their lives to form healthy and loving relationships.- David was able to talk plainly to the boys about the damage that can be caused, and about what they can do to undo some of this damage, including keeping phones and computers out of bedrooms.- We view this message as one that is vital to the long term happiness and self-worth of our boys, and to the contribution they will make to their communities.

Most of our Year 10s will be on work-experience next week and some will organize to do a second or third round of work experience in any of their school holidays over their remaining school years.- This can be valuable in learning what you may want to do as a career, or learning what you don’t want to do.- I also alert Year 10s and 11s (maybe even Year 12s) to the upcoming Open Days for various tertiary institutions in August.- Attending these can encourage students to look further ahead than a just a few weeks, and provide some greater meaning and motivation for making the most of their time at school.

Congratulations to the students for the way in which they conducted themselves at our recent Year 12 Formal, it was really pleasing to see them relaxed and enjoying themselves.

Enjoy the holidays, whether travelling or recovering. We look forward to seeing you back safely in Semester Two.