Senior School Report – June 23, 2017

June 21, 2017

The end of the semester has arrived, with a bit of a rush in the end.- Staff and students may now enjoy a well-earned break.- The many Year 10s and 11s who have strived to give a good account of themselves in exams, and the Year 12s who have handed in components of SATs and have dealt with constant barrage of SACs are all ready for a rest. It is worth noting that 3 weeks is too long a time to have a complete break from study for Year 12s. While they need to take a break and recharge, they should still fit in one week of school work.- Year 11s will also find they have some work to do in this time.

Most of our Year 10s are currently on work experience and some will organize to do a second or third round of work experience in any of their school holidays over their remaining school years.- This can be valuable in learning what you may want to do as a career or learning what you don’t want to do.- I also alert Year 10s and 11s (maybe even Yr 12s) to the upcoming Open Days for various tertiary institutions in August.- Attending these can encourage students to look further ahead than a just a few weeks, and provide some greater meaning and motivation for making the most of their time at school.

Congratulations to the students for the way in which they conducted themselves at our recent Year 12 Formal, it was really pleasing to see them relaxed and enjoying themselves.- Congratulations also to the First XVIII for winning the BAS Final in such a convincing fashion.

Sadly, for some of our families this semester has brought more grief than anybody should have to deal with.- I trust next semester we will continue to support these families as much as we are able to.

Enjoy the holidays, whether travelling or recovering. We look forward to seeing you back safely in Semester Two.