Senior School Report – June 8, 2017

June 7, 2017

Year 10, One Night of Homelessness

Thank-you once again to Mr Taylor, Mr Clark and the many teachers who stayed out overnight so that our boys could gain some insight into the issues and conditions that the homeless are facing. Our boys embraced the evening with a respectful empathy, each one of them aware that following their cold and uncomfortable night, they could sneak home to a warm bed having not been unsafe at any stage; not quite the genuine experience.- Mr Anthony Nunan and Craig Schepsis (of the soup bus) once again gave generously of their time and our boys are richer for this.- Of particular note was Craig’s suggestion that we can protect our peers from deteriorating situations by reaching out and including those among us who might be struggling to stay connected. This should be a very worthwhile goal for us all.

Year 10, Morrisby Information Night

Thanks to Mr Meehan for organizing the Morrisby Information Evening. Mr Barry Darnell explained how the Morrisby Report each student received can be used to the benefit of those in attendance.- Boys are reminded that they have -online access for life-, and can re-sit many of the tests as well as obtain supplementary information to that which is in their hardcopy report.

Years 10 and 11, Exams

Our Year 10 and 11 boys have now commenced their exams.- This is not only a chance to consolidate and improve on the learning that has occurred during the semester, it is a chance to develop exam preparation skills.- Some students complain of poor exam techniques, but I would suggest preparation and knowing the content well is what tends to cause good performances.- When preparing for exams, at some stage students need to put down the pretty highlighters and do some real study, that is, some practice questions.- They need to check their answers and then correctly re-do the questions they got wrong; this is where their strongest growth will occur.- One way of distinguishing serious study from pretend study is that the phone gets put to the side and music gets turned off. Students who take these opportunities develop exam preparation skills over a number of years, enabling them to do well in Year 12. The exam timetables may be found in the Director of Administration section of this newsletter.- Should a student need to re-schedule an exam they should see their Year Level Coordinator before the exam’s scheduled time.- Reasons for re-scheduling include clashes with other exams or a Unit 3/4 class or illness.


Regularly check this continual feedback to avoid big surprises. Talk constructively with your sons.- It is important to praise effort rather than results if you want growth.