Senior School Report – March 1, 2018

February 28, 2018

Last week the buzz around the school was very much about Head of the Lake.- The passion and school spirit that it stirs is an amazing phenomenon. The pride and sense of belonging the boys display in this week is the envy of many others. The behaviour of the supporters was in the main excellent; it is important for all of us that our interactions with others are positive – while still supporting our own.

Congratulations to all of our rowers, whether they won or lost.- Their efforts on the day were only a small part of the journey they have undertaken.- Particular congratulations must go to our First Crew, Hamish Crawley, Regan Champley, James Crilly, Connor Shugg and Jackson Long (cox).- They managed to get the job done in impressive fashion despite having one of the tougher lanes in the very rough conditions.- The weight of expectation that all of the hype puts on the First Crews, particularly the favourite, means that one of the strongest emotions of the winners is often relief.- Well done boys and best wishes for the States and Nationals.

With the excitement of Head of the Lake behind us it is time to turn our attention again to our studies.- The training and dedication that sees sporting abilities grow is mirrored by the study/homework and dedication that sees cognitive ability, knowledge and thinking skills grow.- Students don’t automatically transfer their efforts and thinking from sport to schoolwork.- They need to be guided to see that similar choices and efforts need to be made in support of their study and the results will then take care of themselves.- And for most people, the opportunities education creates will be more likely to change the trajectory of people’s lives than their efforts in sport.

This week we have been holding parent/teacher/student interviews.- We feel Week 5 is a timely place for these.- Teachers have some knowledge of the efforts and progress of their students, and it is early enough to make some adjustments to application if students are not heading in the right direction.- Should you have been unable to attend, please feel free to make contact with teachers by phone or email.- When talking with your son about his study, please be aware that high (and realistic) expectations, and focusing on effort rather than results have both been shown to be effective ways of improving performance.- The more work students do, the more they grow their abilities.

Please click on- this link– for a copy of the VCE Assessment Calendar.