Senior School Report – March 17, 2016

March 16, 2016

Year 10 Programme

Year 10 students will deviate from their usual classroom routine from Monday, March 21 through to Thursday March 24.- The four days will consist of a Retreat, Morrisby Testing, Occupational Health and Safety Training (OHS), and Health and Wellbeing programme.-

The Youth Ministry Team (YMT) has been engaged to facilitate the Year 10 Retreat. Students will be engaged in activities that will give an opportunity to reflect on genuine masculinity and the role that faith in men’s lives.

Morrisby testing consists of a range of recognised formal standardised tests which measure a variety of aptitudes. The results of this testing can be used to assist and support boys with their career direction(s) and inform decision making as they continue their Senior School journey. There will be a parent information evening on Wednesday, June 1 from 7:30pm-8.30pm to give parents the results and explain how to interpret the data. In the past, these results have proved most useful for students in assisting them to choose subjects for the VCE and deciding on appropriate careers.

The OHS training is to prepare students for possible work-experience opportunities which they can avail themselves during the school holidays.- It is a legislated requirement that all students gain certification in OHS prior to commencing work-experience.- There will be a variety of presenters from a number of industries presenting to the boys.

Finally; the Health and Well Being Day will consist of four important issues concerning young men. The TAC will present the -Keys Please- session. Headspace will present information on mental health. Personal development programme will be presented by Jake Bridges

Each of these experiences provided the ground work for further activities and programs accordingly I strongly recommend that parents ensure their son participates in each event.

Year 10 and VCE Assessment Calendars

Parents are encouraged to regularly peruse the Year 10 and VCE Assessment Calendars published on the St Patrick’s College homepage. These calendars are a tool to inform you of your sons forthcoming assessments tasks and alert you to possible home study tasks which he may have.- Please find below the link to access these.

May God’s peace be with you and your families.-

Mrs Elizabeth Ryan

Director of Senior School