Senior School Report – March 29, 2018

March 28, 2018

Congratulation to our First Crew of Rowers once again, finishing off a wonderful season with a win at the Nationals.- A tremendous feat, with success being the result of many hours of toil in the background by themselves and others supporting them.- Our First XI Cricketers also capped off an excellent season, winning the BAS final against College last Friday.- The challenge for all of our young men is to realize that our abilities grow as a result of our efforts.- This is very obvious in many sports; the link between cause and effect is quite obvious.- This connection between not only effort and performance, but effort and ability is also true at a cognitive level.- The harder we work, the better we go on assessments, and the better we become.

This week our Year Tens have had quite a change of pace rotating through Retreats, Morrisby testing, OH&S, resilience building and road safety courses.- I am grateful for the work Matt Taylor, Howard Clark, Nathaniel Winfield and Anthony Meehan have done to make these days worthwhile.- I encourage parents and students to lock in the evening of Wednesday April 18 to attend the information session about how the Morrisby test results can be used to select satisfying careers for different individuals.

We also wish our students and staff well who have undertaken trips these holidays: the Rugby Tour in Canberra, and our History Tour which will by the time of reading be in France.- We look forward to hearing from both groups on their return.

Congratulations to all students who have embraced the good St Patricks has had to offer this term.- The plethora of sporting opportunities and the opportunity to apply themselves to their study.- Students will have some work to do over the Easter break, particularly Year Twelves.- While it is important they do some work, it is also important they have a break.- Easter provides an excellent opportunity to spend time with family, to refresh and recharge before winter arrives.- Term Two requires some stamina.

Easter provides time to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, and an opportunity to accept the gift of grace that this brings. (There are some Aussie cricketers seriously in need of some grace, they are probably feeling crucified.)

Enjoy the holidays.