Senior School Report – March 3, 2016

March 2, 2016

We have two types of memory:

  • Short term memory
  • Long term memory

When a boy first learns something it enters his short term memory. If he can link the new knowledge to something he has already stored in his brain then it will be retained.- If the information proves useful, like their password to their Facebook account and it is used, then it is transferred to their long term memory and retained.

If information is neither linked or useful and used again, it will slip out of the short term memory. Literally, in one ear and out the other. Parents, when helping your son at home, try to assist him to draw the dots and make connections in what is being taught in the classroom to their life experience. Not only will it assist your son to retain the content, in finding its relevance to his life experience he will retain it in his long term memory.

Senior School Parent/ Student/ Teacher Interviews.

Parent/ Student/ Teacher interviews were held Tuesday and Thursday of this week. Thank you to all parents for attending. Hopefully the sessions were informative and will provide a valuable foundation for your sons teaching and learning during the year.

Year 10 and VCE Assessment Calendars

Parents are encouraged to regularly peruse the Year 10 and VCE Assessment Calendars published on the St Patrick’s College homepage. These calendars are a tool to inform you of your sons forthcoming assessments tasks and alert you to possible home study tasks which he may have.- Please find below the link to access these.

May Gods peace be with you and your families.-

Mrs Elizabeth Ryan

Head of Senior School