Senior School Report – November 10, 2017

November 9, 2017

Year 11 exams commenced today and conclude Friday November 17.- Students who have a clash with another Unit 2 exam need to reschedule with Joe Carmody or Jeremy Daniel prior to the exam taking place. (Unit 3/4 exams cannot be rescheduled).- Through preparing for exams, students should both strengthen their base in each subject as well as improve their ability to perform in exams, both necessary for achieving their best in Year 12.- Students returning to complete Year 12 in 2018 take part in the Head Start program from November 20 to 28 inclusive.- In this time students will commence their Year 12 courses, typically covering a section of work and getting some additional work to do over the long break.- Year 10s doing a 3/4 Study in 2018 will also attend these classes at this time, and will need to catch-up on work missed in their other classes.

Year Ten exams will run from November 30 to December 7.

Year 12 Exams

Year 12’s and 11’s with Unit 3/4 exams are encouraged to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the exam’s scheduled starting time so as not to be in a flustered state, and their equipment should be sorted days before.- Lists of allowable materials and the exam timetable can be found on the VCAA website in the -Exam Navigator-, accessible via this link.-

Students have also been sent a personalised print-out of their exam timetable which includes the time and venue of their exam.- Encourage them to display these in a prominent place at home so that others in the house are aware of when things are occurring.- In the past, those who have relied on friends telling them when exams occurred have sometimes turned up late; you don’t want to be that person.- Should something occur, not of a student’s making or choosing which prevents them from achieving their best, (e.g. sickness on the day of an exam or a death/funeral of a grandparent) they should contact Mr O’Loughlan (5322 4387) to see what arrangements can be made and whether an application for a Derived Exam Score (DES) would be appropriate -“ students should sit the exam where practicable even if an application is being made for a DES.

Year 12’s are strongly encouraged to see their teachers through this study period as they continue preparing for exams.