Senior School Report – November 15, 2018

November 14, 2018

At the time of writing many of our Year 12s have just finished exams but some will go through until next Wednesday.- On Friday, November 23 we look forward to celebrating our time spent working together with this group at the Valedictory Dinner.- As always, this promises to be an enjoyable occasion.- The Year 12 results come out Friday December 14.

Year 11 exams are now behind us.- Students returning to complete Year 12 in 2019 take part in the Head Start program from November 19 to 27 inclusive.- In this time, students will commence their Year 12 courses, typically covering a section of work and getting some additional work to do over the long break.- Year 10s doing a 3/4 Study in 2019 will also attend these classes at this time, and will need to catch-up on work missed in their other classes.- Typically, the work covered in this time won’t be re-taught in 2019, but it will be assessed in 2019.- It is important to be present for all sessions so as not to place yourself at a disadvantage.

Year 10 exams will run from Wednesday November 28 to Thursday December 6.

The efforts Year 10 students make in preparing for these exams will set them up for their future successes.- Students who have a clash with another exam need to reschedule with Mr Howard Clark or Mr Matt Taylor before the exam takes place.- Year 10s conclude on December 6.

The VCE Information Night for 2019 will be held this Monday, November 19, commencing at 7:30pm in the Pavilion.- Parents of students entering Year 12 are encouraged to attend so as to gain some understanding of the rules and processes of the VCE, and some appreciation of what will be required of your sons to get the best out of themselves and the College in 2019.

On Tuesday November 27 commencing at 11:30 we will hold our Senior Awards Ceremony (for Year 10s and 11s).- At this time, we will recognize many of our boys fine efforts and achievements in 2018.