Senior School Report – September 7, 2018

September 5, 2018

On Wednesday of this week, I had the privilege of sitting on a panel and interviewing the prospective student leaders for 2019.- We were blessed with an abundance of fine candidates.- Unfortunately, some very capable students with the capacity to adequately fill a role on Student Council will not make it onto Student Council.- These students have already had a conversation with Mr Crowley and been thanked for the time they have given to their applications. They are encouraged to be involved and to lead when the opportunity to do so presents throughout their Year 12.- In 2018, I can think of many occasions where Year 12 boys outside of the Student Council have been involved and stepped up and led in formal and informal ways.- At our Leadership Transfer Assembly on Tuesday week we will introduce and congratulate our 2019 student leaders.

Unit 3/4 (Year 12 subject) practice exams take place in the second week of the next holiday break, on Tuesday October 2, Wednesday October 3 and Thursday October 4 in the Pavilion.- All students doing a scored VCE are required to attend to complete trial exams in their subjects including Year 11s doing a scored 3/4.- Preparing for, completing, and going over practice exams is the best way to improve your results.

VTAC timely applications close at 5pm on September 27, and the cost is $36.- This date falls in the holidays; we are encouraging students to complete applications before the holidays so that this date is not missed.- Course preferences can be changed after this date, (but be mindful that some courses require interviews / folios and might not let you change dates right up until December).- VTAC applications are completed online.- After September 27, the cost goes to $105. and then $137 if you miss the next cut-off.- All students going for an ATAR are encouraged to make an application for a Tertiary place, even if just as insurance against the plans they have for 2019/2020 falling through.