Senior School Update – April 28, 2016

April 27, 2016

-I have done my best!-

This week I would like to challenge the claim, -I have done my best- made by many students.- In my opinion this claim is a cop out and one which I usually refute. Curiously it is a claim that we as parents often accept from our sons.

If your son has an Xbox or a PlayStation I am sure that you would have observed that he would spend many hours trying to conquer one level of the Game and them the next. I would argue that at no stage has he played up to level two and claimed, -Oh well, I have done my best, so I will walk away, give up and not bother to play it again. Of course not!- Your son would put in hours practising and repeating each of the steps until he has mastered and conquered each level. If you hired a painter to paint the exterior of your house and you came home to a botched job and only three sides completed I am sure that a claim by the painter that he had done his best would not be at all acceptable to you. Yet it is a claim that we often accept from our boys. There are many aspects of the school curriculum that need to be mastered and with perseverance, hard work and due diligence can be conquered!

With Year 10 and 11 semester examinations only 5 weeks away I would suggest it is now time for students to step up to the plate and truly do their best!