September 8 – Letter to parents of Year 11 and Year 12 students

September 8, 2020

Dear Parents,

We are again bringing Year 12s (and Year 11s doing certain 3/4 Studies) on-site to complete SACs.

This will occur on Tuesday and Wednesday of Week 10  (September 15 and 16).

While some schools have opted for remote assessment, we feel the authentication issues this creates and our duty of care to those students who are honest (the overwhelming majority) means this is not a reasonable option.

We also believe that the risk posed by the virus is minimal when having only Year 12s and a small number of Year 11s at school where they can be socially distanced and following correct protocols.

As occurred in Week 8, our vulnerable students and those with identified needs will still be able to access the site on these days.

Remote classes will still be conducted for Years 7 to 11 students (though some Year 11s will be absent from classes some of the time to be on-site completing Unit 3/4 SACs.)

When students have only one SAC on a particular day it is expected many of them will only be on-site for that particular time.  Not all subjects will be conducting SACs over these two days.

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and a SAC schedule for next Tuesday and Wednesday which was emailed to Year 11 and 12 students earlier today.


Mr Hamish McCrum

Director of Senior School


Unit 3/4 SACs, On-Site Week 10 –  Tuesday September 15 and Wednesday September 16

Who is to attend/not to attend?

Year 11/12 Students doing VCE Unit 3/4 Studies listed in the SAC schedule below, except for the following:

  • If you sick or have any of the COVID-19 symptoms or are waiting the results of a COVID-19 test, or if anybody in your house or close contacts has tested positive for COVID-19, you are not to attend on these days. Contact Mr McCrum, Mr Chamings or Mr Murphy.  You will not be penalised.  Alternative arrangements will be made.
  • If you are a non-scored VCE student you are not to attend on these days
  • If you have a compromised health condition you are not required to attend on these days. Please contact Mr McCrum, Mr Chamings or Mr Murphy to let us know.  You will not be penalised.  Alternative arrangements will be made.
  • If travel is prohibitive or you feel you should not be attending on these days for some other reason not listed above, please contact Mr McCrum and let him know.

 Where can I go? How do I get into the school on these days? What do I bring?

  • Enter the school via the pedestrian gate on Wanliss Street. (On other days this is locked)
  • It is recommended you park in Wanliss Street or Sturt Street if driving. School bus services are still operating
  • You are to sign-in when you arrive at the Year 12 Study Centre (have your own pen ready)
  • When at school and not doing exams, you are to be at the Study Centre. If the number of students there is deemed too large we will make another space available.
  • You need to bring all food and drink that you require: you should be travelling directly to St Pats from home and going directly home from St Pats. You are not to go to the shops between SACs.   You are especially not to go in large numbers to any commercial venue or person’s place prior to or after sitting SACs.
  • You will not be permitted to share equipment on these days: bring your own stuff
  • A watch (but not a smart-watch or stop watch) is highly recommended
  • Non-boarders are not to go anywhere near the Boarding Precinct

What time can I arrive / leave?

  • You do not need to arrive at school until your first scheduled SAC on that day (allow enough time to sign in etc)
  • You may leave to go home after your last scheduled SAC on any particular day

What if I have clashes? Or 3 SACs in one day?  Or 5 SACs in two days?

  • Some of you will have clashes: please organise with Mr Chamings/Mr McCrum/Mr Biggin by Monday of this week the time you will do the catch-up SAC (you may not get to choose which one is re-scheduled)
  • If you have 3 SACs in one day, you may re-schedule one of them to be done on the other day (swap one from Tuesday to Wednesday or vice-versa: Note: you may not get to choose which SAC is swapped).
  • If you have 5 SACs over the two days, a time will be scheduled for another day, probably the Friday, again, you may not get to choose which of the SACs is rescheduled.

What can I wear?

  • School uniform is not The gym will be very cold on those days.  Dress in your warmest clothes, many layers would be a good idea in case you need to remove some layers when in the Study Centre

Will teachers be running classes?

  • There will not be any Unit 3/4 classes running on these days, in school or remotely. We are not permitted to teach on-site at this time.

Can I have my phone with me while sitting SACs?

  • No, not even if it is switched off. Being caught in possession of phone while a SAC is underway will result in a loss of marks.

What if I think of another question that has not already been covered by this most excellent FAQ sheet?

  • Ask Mr McCrum either on Teams or through email.
  • Unit 3/4 SAC SCHEDULE Week 10


Tuesday, September 15 9:00am GYM English
9:00am GYM English Language
11:00am GYM Further Maths
11:00am WIL110 Theatre Studies
1:30pm GYM Legal
1:30pm GYM Math Methods
1:30pm GYM Food Studies
Wednesday, September 16 9:00am GYM Business Management
9:00am GYM Specialist Maths
11:00am ERC003/004 Psychology
11:00am GYM Accounting
11:00am GYM Chemistry
11:00am GYM History – Revolutions
1:30pm GYM Literature
1:30pm GYM Industry and Enterprise
1:30pm GYM Outdoor & Environmental Studies
1:30pm GYM Physics
Friday, September 18 9:00am HEA 004 Japanese