Soccer report – July 24, 2019

July 25, 2019

St Patrick Senior’s 9 defeated College Black 0

GOALS: Alex Baker 4, Maxx Hofler 2, Jordan Armstrong, Nil Nilwiset, Nathan Delvescovo

BEST: Jordan Lauton, Alex Baker, Flynn Squires, Maxx Hofler, Jordan Armstrong, Nil Nilwiset

It took 10 minutes for us to score but we dominated the early play with Alex Baker and Jordan Lauton totally owning the centre of the park through clever reading of the play and dominate control over the ball. They set up many options but to College’s credit they got a lot of last touches on the ball to halt the inevitable. College had the first serious chance but we shielded any chance of a realistic shot on goal and it wasn’t long before we owned a corner with Jordan Lauton putting the perfect ball across with Connor Ascough missing the open header by whiskers. Not long after Connor Ascough set up Jordan in a central position but his shot was wide. This was quickly followed by Kale Huggett giving Jordan a second chance but it also evaporated through determined defense. It took a blustering Alex Baker to take on the central line and after driving through four defenders he sized up for an easy finish 1-0.

It was the flood gates and the last 10 minutes saw St Pats totally dominate a luckless College Seconds. Matt Layton found Jordan Armstrong who ran through the defense to score 2-0. A surprising indirect free kick was taken by Jordan who off’ed to the jubilant Alex who smashed deep into the back of the net for 3-0. Changes at the 15 minutes saw Maxx Hofler get his first touch for maximum effect as he received close in and he got us to 4-0. At the back Flynn Squire and Patrick Heagney seemed to have it under control with their sure footed passing and forward surging through their attackers. Keeper David Carton was a called upon with one challenge but as usual it was safely repelled.

As the half was completed, Connor Ascough went for the spectacular but unsuccessful side on bicycle kick which just missed to the left, however, memories of last year’s final were brought back strongly to those who were fortunate to attend.

The second half was a formality obviously as the game was decided but there were highlights but also a lot of misses. Ten shots on goal flew over the top or wide by large margins so we could have been accused of inaccuracy or worse (a message for those who missed at least twice).

On the positive it was again Alex Baker who ran straight through the central College players to scored our first goal of the second half 5-0. His ability to feign and pass uninhibited was a great skill to observe and the fact that he scored twice off his less preferred left side. Maxx Hofler received very deep and juiced the defender before directing at the keeper who deflected the sharp shot into the net 6-0. Connor was treated badly and received a free kick just outside the box, but we overshot the strike. Alex put in a beautiful left foot shot given the opportunity from- Jordan and 7-0 and he had put a few over the top but his best had been excellent and took us back to 2018 and the Melbourne City competition. Kale Huggett intercepted a kickout and went around a defender and his shot drew a spectacular safe. Nathan Delvescovo was a reluctant striker, but he showed the coach’s confidence was founded when he unleashed a powerful shot into the top right from outside the 18 yards given a small sighter 8-0.

Nils Nilwiset was a busy winger who imposed himself on the match with his flair and he was continually causing the College backline concern. His good work set up chances for Kale and Connor before Maxx put a chance over the top. Nils did score our last goal after Matt Layton played around a couple of defenders and found Nils on the far side and he hit it correctly wide of the keeper.