Social Justice – College Fundraising

March 15, 2018

College Fundraising

Boys have been encouraged over the recent weeks to donate for two of our annual fundraisers: Project Compassion, and the Easter Egg Drive.

St Patrick’s College has developed a strong relationship with Caritas Australia over time through the ongoing support of the school community. Each year, students generously contribute to Project Compassion- an initiative which aims to promote justice and raise money for programs in Australia and overseas- to better the lives of disadvantaged men, women and children in need.

In addition to this, it is asked that boys bring a donation in the form of Easter Eggs to be gifted to patients and families at the St John of God and Base Hospital in Ballarat. This simple, yet tremendously impactful, action is often a highlight for both the students who dress up in bunny suits to present the eggs, and the receivers who get boundless joy out of our visit.

We thank both parents and students for their generosity thus far, however we ask that this support continues for the remainder of the term. Give willingly and know that your effort, whether it be great or small, is truly appreciated: your kindness and consideration is a symbol of hope and, above all else, love for those who may not be shown such affection in their own lives. Thank you.

Tiernan Somers

Mission Trainee