Sons of an Old Boy visit the College

December 9, 2019

We welcomed brothers Robert and Paul Dallimore back to the College recently. Robert and Paul are the sons of Old Collegian Craig Dallimore (SPC 1954), a retired Melbourne pharmacist, who will be celebrating his 80th birthday next year!

Craig Dallimore’s sons Paul and Robert visited the College in late 2019.

Craig Dallimore close-up in the 1954 College photograph.

Craig was a boarder from Drysdale and completed his sub-intermediate studies at SPC in 1954 before moving to St Joseph’s in Geelong. Craig went on to become a successful pharmacist in Geelong and Melbourne, operating Dallimore’s Pharmacy in Malvern at one time. Craig also became a locum for the eastern areas in later years until his retirement.
Robert and Paul enjoyed the opportunity to tour the College in their father’s earlier footsteps. Thank you to both gentlemen for visiting SPC!


Craig Dallimore in the 1954 Sub-Intermediate B class.

The Sub-Intermediate B class in 1954.