SPC Business Directory App July 2018

July 25, 2018

St Patrick’s College is delighted to be able to work with members of our SPC community.

Gavin Nash, a current parent and pictured, is the owner of Nashish Marketing and Design, which collaborated with St Patrick’s to help develop new technology to connect its school community through the development of the SPC Business Directory App.

-As a parent at St Patrick’s College Ballarat, I have always been keen to support the school wherever I can.

-As I run my own locally-based graphic design and marketing business I was thrilled to be involved in the development of the SPC Business Directory App from the start.

-I like that the business needs to be connected to the College to participate – this builds an element of trust to the user when making contact about using your business.

Whether it’s a current parent/supplier or an Old Collegian – those using the app to find products and services are safe in the knowledge that the business they are calling is connected to St Patrick’s College like they are.

-I’d recommend it to any business who thinks that tapping into a new market of like-minded people (with the College in common) is a good idea!-

To read more about the app and how to join, please click on the button below.