SPC Old Boys Quiz

August 12, 2020

It’s time to test your knowledge of SPC and have a bit of fun at the same time.

Let’s see if you know the answers to these 20 questions about SPC and our Old Collegians.

Don’t worry we have included the answers (at the bottom), but boy, we will be impressed if you come up trumps without any help.

So, let’s go….


  1. What year did St Patrick’s College open, welcoming 15 boarding students and nine day boys?
  1. After 29 years, St Patrick’s College won the Ballarat Head of the Lake title in 1990. What were the names of the Old Boys involved in this legendary team of “drought-breakers”?
  1. Where did Matron Brady live in a private residence on the College grounds?
  1. What popular recreational structure was removed from the College grounds to make way for the construction of the OCA Pavilion building, which overlooks the main football oval?
  2. Who was the College school captain in 2017?
  3. Who is the current president of the SPC Old Collegians Association?
  1. Which former school captain sadly missed out on the opportunity at the time to deliver his valedictory speech because the guest of honour, Monsignor Bill McCunnie, who was sitting beside him at the time, collapsed and died?
  1. What are the opening two lines of the War Cry?
    (Give yourself a pat on the back if you can remember the whole song!)
  1. Which eight Old Collegians have represented Australia at the Olympic Games?
  1. Which two Old Boys have received Australian Football Rules’ greatest honour, the Brownlow Medal?
  1. Name the Old Collegian who was the 44th Premier of Victoria between 1999-2007?
  1. Name the Old Boy, a decorated World War II heavy bomber pilot, who was famously welcomed back to the German towns he bombed in recent years after penning a heartfelt apology for the damage he had caused.
  1. Where is McCann House?
  1. The College gymnasium is named in honour of who?
  1. Who was named College Dux last year?
  1. One of our most important academic prizes, presented to current students every semester, who are in the top 15% of their year levels, is named after which Old Boy?
  1. Which Old Boy with a fairly impressive “mullet” hairstyle is currently playing AFL for the West Coast Eagles?
  2. Who was the first lay Headmaster at St Patrick’s College?
  1. How many 1st XVIII Herald Sun Shield football grand finals did SPC play in consecutively until this year?
  2. What is the motto of SPC?

And now for the answers, click here