SPC Tour of Ireland – Day 14

April 6, 2016

SPC Tour of Ireland and the UK

Oh what a night!

It would be fair to say that when most of our students saw their itinerary for the entire tour they were probably dreading this night the most. After all, most of the boys on this trip are more inclined towards enjoying sport rather than the theatre. A night at the Piccadilly Theatre was greeted with a sense of obligation rather than anticipation, especially considering the tickets we had were to see the Jersey Boys.

Two and a half hours later and our boys were transformed. They were dancing in the aisles, clapping their feet, issuing high fives and practicing their falsetto voices.

For a short while at least they forgot about their dreams of becoming the next Nat Fyffe and instead pretended they were the next Frankie Valli. Even on the tube ride home post-theatre they were telling each other to -Walk Like A Man-, reminding each other that -Big Girls Don’t Cry- and singing the trademark chorus of -Sherry-. Oh, what a night indeed!

Earlier in the day the tour once again splintered into its eight separate groups, each led by a staff member taking seven or eight boys to various London attractions.

As this was our last day where we could use our London Pass, many tried to fit as many things in as possible -“ scooting from one side of the city to the next trying to tick off all the landmarks.

Tower Bridge, Tower of London, London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Harrods, Trafalgar Square, Camden Markets, Covent Garden, Churchill’s Bunker and the War Rooms, the Monument, Emirates Stadium at Arsenal, Piccadily Circus, Big Ben -“ you name it and we probably visited it today.

All arrived home exhausted at about 10.30pm ready for one more big day in London before getting ready to board the plane home on Friday.