SPC Tour of Ireland – Day 5 – Waterford and Cork

April 6, 2019

Today our plan of attack was to divide and conquer. This morning we split into two groups, one going to the Kilmainham Gaol and the other to the Little Museum of Dublin. Both were exposed to the history of Dublin from very different perspectives. One on the social impact and crime which arose from the 1916 Easter Uprising, the other the impact of poverty and depression on the Irish people. Further, the Little Dublin Museum celebrated many of the quirky aspects that make the Irish -Irish- and this was one of our favourites. As you know Ireland was neutral during WW2 but as a precaution the Government issued gas masks to the citizens of Dublin. The only problem was the masks were made of asbestos!

Our main focus of the day was the match against a Dublin representative team at the spectacular National Sports Complex. One of the most humbling moments prior to the game was when the Dublin representative team formed a guard of honour to welcome our boys onto the pitch. Following a competitive match, St Pat’s conceded a win to the home team, 55 – 48. They definitely had a home ground advantage.

Post-game celebrations were held at the Erin’s Isle Clubrooms at Finglas South. The club president, Peter Campbell extended generous hospitality and was instrumental in ensuring we were all made very welcome with the highlight being a county level hurling match. Gavin Webb presented the club with a St Pat’s playing jersey which will be proudly displayed in the Erin’s Isle Clubrooms.

Pete, our bus driver, ensured we got back safely to Jacob’s Inn with the big challenge of the evening -“ packing all the luggage ready for an early departure to Cork via Waterford tomorrow morning.

Our Irish lesson for the day: