April 7, 2019

Blue skies and sunshine streamed over the city this morning. The River Liffey glistened and light bounced off the grey buildings of Dublin as we left the city on our way to Waterford. Hometown of our school’s founding father, Blessed Edmund, the trip to Waterford gave us a chance to see some of Ireland’s beautiful countryside.

We were welcomed to the Edmund Rice International Heritage Centre by two Australian Christian Brothers, Michael and Gerry and local Brother Peadar. In small groups we toured various areas of the centre. There was much to take in such as the beautiful chapel and the resting place of Blessed Edmund, the original bakehouse and the laser-generated image of Blessed Edmund’s head, that gave us an accurate idea of how he would have looked. The boys were further enlightened by Blessed Edmund’s life and could see that in some ways through their education at St Patrick’s College, they are the embodiment of his life’s work.

As we travelled to Cork we watched the 1996 film Michael Collins and recognised some of the settings of the film. The history of this country is becoming clearer to the students the more they travel. After arriving in Cork we had some free time to explore the city and shop. Our Cork accommodation is very comfortable and we were impressed with the fine way the boys presented themselves for dinner in the hotel restaurant. The huge serves, attentive staff and the three delicious courses were enjoyed by all.

We finished the evening with an optional night walk through the streets of Cork.

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