SPC Tour of Ireland – Day 5

March 28, 2016

SPC Tour of Ireland -“ Day 5

The Blarney Castle is described as the most famous and most photographed building in Ireland and today our boys had the opportunity to see this 650-year-old structure and climb to its parapets.

More glorious, clear spring weather greeted our trip to Blarney, presenting the perfect conditions to explore and enjoy the beauty of the castle and its surrounding gardens.

Boys were presented the opportunity to kiss the famous Blarney stone and, hopefully, then inherit the gift of eloquence. From now on they should be able to talk the talk and walk the walk.

The boys also took the opportunity to make full use of the nearby gift shops and then the famous Blarney Woollen Mills -“ dubbed the largest Irish store in the world. Presents for parents were high on the agenda as the boys handed over their euros.

The subsequent trip from Blarney to the nearby township of Mallow provided some interesting moments as the large bus negotiated some narrow, winding rural roads which streamed through the lush Irish countryside.

All arrived safely at the Mallow GAA club for the afternoon matches against combined teams from the Cork region.

Once again two matches on international rules were played concurrently on adjoining pitches and, this time, it was the 2nd XVIII which enjoyed a very competitive encounter while the 1st XVIII played in more of a friendly exhibition match.

Scores from both pitches were largely irrelevant -“ suffice to say though that the Irish spectators were suitably impressed with the skill and agility on display from our players.

Some fine Irish hospitality greeted us in the clubrooms post-match where boys were able to eat and mingle with their Irish opponents.

The bus returned to our base at the Imperial Hotel in Cork shortly after 6pm whereupon boys scattered to local eateries for dinner before settling in for a big day of travelling ahead tomorrow.