SPC Tour of Ireland – Day 6 – Cobh & Blarney

April 8, 2019

A breakfast fit for kings – after three days of cereal and toast, to be availed of a buffet where they were spoilt for choice left many boys thinking they had died and gone to heaven! Our first destination was the Port of Cobh where we visited the Cobh Heritage Centre. Students were each provided with the identity of a passenger and a ship and enjoyed the challenge in locating their identity within the museum. Only some had happy endings. Many of the boys developed a sudden interest in genealogy tracing their ancestors via their family names. As is their custom, they also gave the gift shop thorough going over. Just doing our bit for the economy of Cobh. – We spent 2 hours exploring the village with the highlight being a visit to the St. Colman’s Cathedral. This cathedral is famous for its carillon, one of the largest in Europe with its 49 bells. The stained glass windows, its architecture and its sheer location perched on the hill was breathtaking.

Following lunch we headed to the famous city of Blarney with our prime destination being Blarney Castle. – After exploring the castle grounds, the boys climbed the tower and engaged in the local custom of kissing the Blarney Stone. So if you find them more garrulous when they get home, you’ll know why. Given the sunshine and the spring flowers, Blarney Castle was presented at its best. Coupled with the green grass and blossoming trees, the boys could see why people fall in love with Ireland.

After a day of sight seeing the boys were recharged and ready for our second round in Cork against the Nemo Park Rangers. With two matches being played simultaneously, both squads were able to come away with comfortable victories. Late in the match we were able to incorporate the oval ball into the game which the Irish boys embraced and our boys were given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills. A special thanks to Kevin O’Callaghan (Cork Regional Development Manager) for facilitating this marvellous opportunity for our boys. The evening was topped off with exceptional hospitality provided by the Nemo Park Rangers GAA club. We returned to the hotel in extremely good spirits with two great games under our belt.

Our Irish lesson for the day:

Beidh biseach ort go luath

You will be better soon

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