SPC Tour of Ireland – Day 6

March 29, 2016

SPC Tour of Ireland -“ Day 6 -“ Cork to Galway

A day of travelling through the south western corner of Ireland today as our group of 55 students and eight staff relocated from Cork to Galway.

First stop of the journey was a morning tea at the historic tourist town of Adare, south of Limerick, which is famous for its thatched-roof homes and historic stone manor.

A quick walk around town and a visit to the gift shop, before all were back on the bus preparing to tour through some of the spectacular scenery of western Ireland.

Upon arrival at the famous Cliffs of Moher, the weather decided to show its darker side with fierce, biting winds and stinging hail slapping our skins.

Not to be deterred, the boys trekked to the top of the hill to take in some of the breathtaking views of these incredible cliffs -“ some of which have sheer 800-foot faces.

Surprisingly those with little fear of heights were able to literally peer over the edge with no fences or barriers between them and the swirling sea below. Due to the spectre of public liability insurance back home in Australia, it’s hard to imagine anywhere similar where there would such an absence of safety precautions.

So, following a head count, we re-boarded our bus for the final journey of the day to Galway, through the Burren (a rocky and windswept terrain) and around some winding hillside Irish roads.

We arrived in Galway at 4pm, providing the opportunity for the boys to tour around the many wonderful cobbled laneways of this university town.

It’s a shame we only have one night in this wonderful city as it has a younger, more vibrant feel than either Dublin or Cork and is well-regarded as one of the best cities in Ireland.

Following dinner at the Galway Imperial Hotel, the boys had a quiet night in at their hostel ahead of more travelling tomorrow as we plan to leave Ireland for the last time and head into Derry in Northern Ireland.