SPC undertakes energy efficiency initiatives

October 16, 2020

St Patrick’s College is moving towards becoming a more sustainable school with the recent installation of solar panels and additional LED lighting at the College.

St Patrick’s College has now installed approximately 306 solar panels at the College, which enhances the energy efficiency of the school.

Approximately 274 solar panels were installed on the roof of the Senior School’s Wilding Wing and 32 solar panels installed on the roof of the College’s Boarding Precinct by Middys Electrical in September.

The College also expanded the use of energy efficient LED lighting with approximately 246 LED lights installed in the Wilding Wing.

The College’s use of LED lighting is saving over 100 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. LED lighting now represents 45 per cent of all light fittings used by the College with a number of key areas around the College also utilising 100 per cent LED lighting, including the Boarding Precinct, Whelan Food Centre, Year 12 Study Centre, the Waterford Wing, Chapel and O’Malley Gym.

St Patrick’s College Business Manager, Mr Andrew Ballesty, said a recent Energy Efficiency Review, conducted by the College and supported by Edmund Rice Education Australia, identified simple efficient measures that could reduce its environmental footprint.

“We are thrilled to deliver on our commitment to sustainable design and efficiency. The installation of solar panels and expanded used of LED lighting, not only reduces the College’s energy costs, but more importantly contributes positively to the environment by reducing energy use and carbon emissions,” Mr Ballesty said.

St Patrick’s College plans to continue rolling out environmentally friendly initiatives with a commitment to sustainable design in future projects, including the College’s new planned Multi-Purpose Centre, which will feature solar panels and LED lighting.