SPC Wins Head of the Lake

February 28, 2018

Head of the Lake

The 2018 Head of the Lake came close to being postponed due to forecast high winds but in the end proceeded. The rough conditions presented an added challenge for our crews, but in true SPC spirit all crews did their best on the day despite the difficult conditions with many of our crews on the tougher outside lanes away from some protection from the weed banks. The results were mixed but most crews performed to expectations. The highlight of the day was our all conquering First crew winning the Head of the Lake, for the second year in a row,- comfortably from an unprotected lane 4 in very tough side water.

Congratulations to the first- crew- of Hamish Crawley, Regan Champley, James Crilly, Connor Shugg and Jackson Long (cox) along with- coach Brendan Scott.

Well done to all and a big vote of thanks to all our coaches and supporters with a- special thanks to Mr Brendan Scott, Mr Jamie Bobrowski and Mr Alex Thompson for all they have done in leading and developing the 2017/2018 rowing program.

Head of the Lake Results:

Year 9 div 5. 2nd and 3rd places

Year 9. Div 4. 1st and 2nd places

Year 9 div 3. 1st

Year 9 div 2. 4t

Year 9 div 1. 4th

Year 10 div 5. 1st and 3rd

Year 10 div 4. 2nd

Year 10 div 3. 4th

Year 10 div 2. 2nd

Year 10 div 1.- 2nd

Open 6ths.- 1st

Open- 5ths.- 1st

Open 4ths.- – 1st

Open 3rds.- – 2nd

Open 2nds.- 3rd

Head of the Lake (open 1sts). 1st